Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ripening Berries!

Mmmm... berries.  With the cold, rainy weather lasting so long into spring, I rather forgot that June was the berry month!

Although I don't have a strawberry bed proper this year (gave up when the bugs had me beat), I do have a few random plants here and there in the garden.  Some in the bed overtaken by orange mint, some near the deck struggling through the succulents, a few in cinder block holes around the fruit trees.  Some are huge and basically tasteless.  Others are teeny and taste like jam.  The big ones have a few holes I blame on sow or pill bugs.  My plans for next spring include a new strawberry bed, and new strawberry plants.

The raspberries are ripening.  I had enough today to toss some in my cereal and leave enough for my daughter to snack on.  These are Meeker, which only have one crop per year.

While it is too early for the full size blueberries, Jelly Bean is ripening full size berries on the dwarf "Brazelberry" plant.

The boysenberries are a way off from being ripe, but they are coloring up.  I still have a few frozen bags of boysenberries from last year's harvest.  I'd better bake up a pie!

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