Monday, July 3, 2017

Identifying "Butterfly Garden Mix" Seedlings - updated July 16, 2017

So, I planted the Butterfly Garden Mix seeds in late May (huh... I thought it was a lot longer ago that that -  no wonder they're still small!), and now a few of the young plants can be identified.  Most are still mysterious to me. 

Here's what I think I have, based on searching online for the name of the plant as a seedling (for instance, "butterfly milkweed seedling" or "seedling butterfly milkweed") and comparing photos.

Boy, I've been so wrong...

Bishop's Flower (the one poisonous to dogs, go figure it'd be the one that grows!)  - the rounded leafed plant in the bottom left corner.  Wrong!  Bishop's Flower is actually just another name for Queen Anne's Lace.  I don't think I have any. 

Butterfly Milkweed - the tall pointy leafed one in the center. Nope, that's actually a bachelor button, with vivid blue flowers. 

Looking again today, I wonder if it isn't a Pink instead of a milkweed!  Today there is a bud at the top, and it looks sort of like a carnation, and pinks are part of the family.  Update: It's a blue bachelor button!  Although that wasn't listed on the packet. 

Sigh... I'm no good at this.  All I can do is wait and see what they turn into.  Next time I'll buy individual packets of what I want.  

Pink?  Milkweed?  Only time will tell... 

Candytuft, naturally.  Naturally, because I am not a candytuft fan.  It's flowering already!  Well, this is embarrassing... it's only alyssum.  I may not like candytuft, but at least it's a perennial. 

California Poppy.  The lacy blue-greens in the lower right corner. I am not too sure if the one in the upper center is or not, it might be the mystery-until-it-blooms plant I have a lot of, which also are lacy, but much, much taller than poppies. There is another blooming candytuft (oops, make that alyssum) in the center. 

Mysteries that have to wait until the flower for me to identify them.   These first two are getting very large, and there a quite a few of them.  I didn't think I sprinkled the mixed seeds in all three circles, but they've grown in them all. 

Cosmos - silly me, I bought the seeds at Winco and forgot all about them! 

Of the individual seeds planted I am not sure any germinated.

At least the entire Butterfly Garden is looking nice.  The white lavender (Ellagance Snow) is blooming, as seen below.  In the center is the pineapple sage, still without flowers.  The Moonshine yarrow is dwarfed behind the ferny mysteries on the left of the front circle. 

I saw a swallowtail butterfly this morning!  I was on my way out the door to work, so couldn't get its picture. 

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