Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Muffins and Fire Pits


I made blueberry muffins this morning with a mix of Jelly Bean, Draper, and Legacy berries.  The recipe is under "recipes" of course! 

Remember the fire ring deal I got back in May?  The project's done!  My son helped me finish it this afternoon, in the heat.  We had hoped to use it tonight for roasting marshmallows, but it's too hot to weed eat around the edges.  Plus, I realized how silly it would be to sit outside on the night of the 4th of July in the United States, with the knowledge Edward the Goldendoodle can't stand "boom-booms."  BARK!  BARK!  BARK!  It's bad enough in the house with the AC noise.  I have s'more fixin's too.   

Anyway, the "fire ring" is now a part of a "fire pit."

I didn't come up with the design myself, it's based on a customer's review photo on Amazon.  It was just the perfect plan, one that I could actually do myself!  (OK, with help from a strong son.)

There are three parts:
1 - the outer ring is made with 18 retaining wall "flagstones," which are concrete, but random so look pretty nice. 
2 - The middle of the fire ring where the wood goes has three bags of all purpose sand (I killed the weeds underneath prior to putting in the sand). 
3 - The outer ring is filled with river rock (a use for that ridiculously small size river rock Lowe's is now carrying), five or six bags (depending on whether any of yours were 50% off because they were broken and missing product - that's the kind I buy!).  I placed cardboard under the river rock, since I didn't have time to use weedkiller. 

The firewood is just from the grocery store!

Coincidentally, our next door neighbor had a backyard fire just last night!  I feel like a "copycat" even though our ring and edgers have been sitting on the lawn for weeks.  Hey, maybe they saw it and copied us!  Let's just say it went that way...  Still, it's odd we both built one.  (I haven't peeked over the fence, or through a knot hole, so don't know if it's this kind.  That would be even stranger.)

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