Tuesday, July 18, 2017

S'mores on the Backyard Fire Pit!

I guess it isn't really a "pit" since it isn't sunk in the ground (at least that's what my son said), but it's more than a "ring" now.

We used it a few nights ago to make s'mores!  If you live in an area where that is a foreign word, let me explain a s'more!

Take a marshmallow, roast it on embers (or flames if you can't wait) until it's toasted and gooey.  Sandwich it between graham cracker squares with a square of Hershey's milk chocolate (I have never used anything buy the plain ol' Hershey's), and press so the chocolate melts from the heat of the marshmallow.  It's so good you will want S'MORE!

Anyway, the pit worked perfectly.  The fire was just the right size.  I didn't mind placing it in the middle of the lawn, as it isn't a nice lawn, it's bare and bumpy and dog-worn!  I was going to put a strawberry pyramid here next spring anyway.  If I do that it will go into the far back yard. 

The moon and star cut-outs glowed in the dark.

My silly daughter trying to melt her s'more by hand!  The glowing square in the center is a marshmallow on a roasting stick.  I waited for embers. 

The best part is a tie between the wonderful smell (like camping in the forest) and time spent with family.  We even told "ghost stories!" 

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