Autumn in the Garden 2017

We have been having rainy days.  Some wind and cold temperatures as well, some cold enough to leave ice on the car windshields.  Time to clear out the carport so when we have to be somewhere early in the morning, we can park under it the night before and avoid scraping windows.

Between the rain and looking for a new job (there may be good news soon on that front), I haven't done much.  Autumn gardens may have pretty fall colors, but they are depressing, signaling an end to flowers and butterflies.

When I first moved in the lattice overhand was covered with ancient sticky (as in nothing but dry dead sticks) Virginia creeper.  I thought I'd removed it all. It wasn't until it changed to the gorgeous autumn red I found it growing among the climbing rose!  I'll leave it.  I'll just try to keep it under control. 

The peach is very pretty.  As is a small something tree that came up from a nut that looked like a filbert (hazelnut) but with different leaves.  I am going to transplant it into a nice pot and hope it stays small for a miniature garden vignette.

 The forsythia lost its leaves during the wind a few days ago.  The asparagus is nearly ready to cut back already, that's usually a December chore. 

 The anise hyssop has gone to seed.  I've read it's best to cut back the flower heads before the seeds drop, but I didn't.  Rain and wind knocked down a big part of the pineapple sage, which in turn broke off some of the anise hyssop.  You can see just how many seeds only a few of the flowers formed.  I took the broken ones and set them upside down in canning jars, where they released dozens, if not hundreds of seeds!  I really like anise hyssop in the butterfly garden, so will let the rest of the plant drop its seeds in the garden, and I'll transplant them for "gifts" to unsuspecting "friends!" 


This is a blue chocolate cherry tomato!  The plant got a very late start from seed, and now has just set fruit, which probably won't get the warmth needed to ripen more than this one.    It's not as dark as I'd expected it to be. 

 The butterfly garden is reaching the end of its season.  This was the pineapple sage this morning.  It lost its right side to the storm, and the rest is going to the cooler nights.  The corepsis is about done, the black-eyed Susan and blanket flowers have fewer flowers by the day.  I've already started ordering more seeds for both the butterfly garden annuals and perennials for the rock garden!  The latest are butterfly weed (asclepias tuberos) and a perennial lupine.  Under $2.00 per package of seeds, free shipping, plus U.S. grown, why not? 


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