November in the Garden

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I started a new job, and while I have been going in earlier, it is still dark when I get off, so there is no time to garden before or after work!  I have today off, and it's sunny!  I took advantage of that to get some photos and to cut some herbs and perennials back.

First, some pretties... there are still lots of herbs blooming in the garden, even in mid-November with a few freezing nights.

Coyote Mint: it's growing very nicely.  I'm so pleased, as it was one of the plants I have wanted for a long time. 

coyote mint

coyote mint

Rosemary: rosemary is so pretty and cheerful on chilly days!  Delicious in warm stews on chilly days too! 

prostrate rosemary

prostrate rosemary

Blue Boy rosemary

Blue Boy rosemary


Mini Blue lavender

Mini Blue lavender

Goodwin Creek Gray lavender

The lemon thyme is doing very nicely, after a hard summer where I wasn't too sure it was worth bothering with.  All it takes is a little natural water, aka rain!  The herbs always do so much better once it rains than when they are watered from the hose.  We have "good" water too, so I am not sure why they prefer it...

lemon thyme
Having never grown creeping winter savory before this year, I am not sure how it handles winter.  I think I should cut it back, based on the new growth at the base of the old, as seen in the photo above my finger.  The older leaves are rather a sickly looking yellowy green.  Either too wet in the ceramic planter, or ready to be cut back.  I'll cut back and see what spring brings.  Worse comes to worse, I'll plant something new!

creeping winter savory

Then there's the Butterfly Garden.

The Black-eyed Susans and Indian Blanket Flower are showing signs of flagging, but are still putting out new flowers. The Susans blooms are smaller than in the summer. 

Indian Blanket flower after the petals fell off
I cut the yarrow back, leaving the newly forming buds, but I doubt they will flower before it gets too cold.  

 "UpTick" coreopsis is done blooming.  I guess it will die completely back like another I bought dormant. 

UpTick corepsis (tickweed)

Get a load of that pineapple sage stem!  From dormant to a virtual shrub in a few months!  It's in completely the wrong spot, but sure liked the raised bed soil! 

pineapple sage
 Things that didn't flower this year...  I think, just think, they are coreopsis.  The bottom photo is definitely lance-leaf coreopsis, grown from seed.  The plants sure are healthy. 

lance-leaf corepsis

The Sungold tomato has ripened its last.  As colder weather hit most of the fruit just dropped to the ground.  I don't expect I'll have to buy a plant next year!

last of the Sungold cherry tomatoes - I ate them!
fallen Sungolds - and apparently a rogue garlic?
So, that's about it for now in the herb/butterfly/vegetable gardens.

As for my new job, it's not pet or garden related, but, hey, it's a job and it's fine so far!  I'll save money, but miss great deals.  It's worth it to be rid of unreasonable management! 


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