Gardening Miscellaneous - Vegetables and Flowers - June 2018

Already mid-June.  I have to calm down and look at photos from past years to reassure myself the garden is not behind!  The tomatoes and cucumbers are right on schedule.  Even better than expected since I grew them from seed and they were transplanted much smaller than store-bought.  You'll notice in most of today's photos the diatomaceous earth I sprinkled out last night.  More on that later in this post.

The Hoskins-Barger has set fruit.  The other tomatoes all have lots of flowers. 

The Ditmarsher is going to wear itself out.  I gave it some new organic plant food granules today. 

There may only be one healthy surviving lemon cucumber (one other is hanging in there) is flowering and sending out tendrils ready to climb.   I'm not sure one plant will be enough for our summer cucumber appetite!  I saw some at Lowe's the other day, but they didn't look worth buying, especially at nearly $4! 

The beans in the pool bed are the only ones looking good.  Even the parsley in that bed survived, so maybe earwigs have a problem climbing the plastic?  If so, let's all go plastic!

The warty French pumpkins don't seem to be as appetizing as the mini seedlings. 

Speaking of mini pumpkins, I had removed the three that survived the earwig massacre and planted them in small pots until it I thought it safer in the garden.  I planted one a few days ago, in a different bed from the original, and it's okay so far.  These other two look great, but when I moved their pots this morning, I disturbed earwigs!  I found many of my containers (including the mint on the picnic bench below the pumpkins) were harboring sleeping earwigs! Oh, they woke up and scurried away, some escaping down cracks. 

I am not sure they care about diatomaceous earth, even though they have exoskeletons and are listed on the package.  I moved the lemony catnip (oh, does it smell nice!) when I noticed it was being eaten.  I sprinkled in some DE last night, and then after moving the pot today noticed the little buggers crawling up out of the soil, some covered in dust!  Out come more cat food cans with oil and soy sauce tonight!  I know that works!  I think the earwigs are mocking me, there was one in the kitchen sink last night!  "Ha, you think you can get rid of us?  We'll show you how easy we can get into your house... into your things..." 

I can't stop photographing the sweet peas!  They are just so pretty.  And, oh, the smell!  I even love their little fuzzy seed pods.   If anything self-seeds, it's sweet peas!  The photos don't do their colors justice. 

The nicotiana is blooming like crazy.  I don't like it.  Not the "blooming like crazy" part, just nicotiana itself.  The flowers are pretty.  The color is pretty (oh, a bit plain and pale).  It's healthy.  Just what is wrong with it?  Finally, I figured it out.  It reminds me of petunias, and I dislike petunias!  I know they are the go-to spring/summer color, but I've never liked them.  Petunias and Chrysanthemums.  The popular seasonal flowers, I dislike both!  So, nicotiana reminds me of petunia flowers.  You know why?  Because petunias are a member of the tobacco family too!  Live and learn...   Just look at the following photo, you'd think it was petunias, wouldn't you?  If you like petunias, but want something that doesn't droop, get nicotiana. 

The Vermillionaire® (Large Firecracker Plant) is pretty.  The pollinators like it too.  It's a bit understated, so not really much of a show-stopper on the deck.  I didn't get any bright annuals this year. 


  1. I didn't know that about petunias. Interesting! I try to stick with perennials, so haven't planted them in years. And they didn't do well when I did, either, getting spindly while I was constantly having to deadhead. Ugh. I used to like hardy mums, but for some reason only find the sort not meant to survive our winters when I take time to look. I have no idea why. ~shrugs~ Oh, I set out two earwig traps last night and was shocked to only find one dead bug inside. Should I put them out again, do you think? The other day I found one in the potato plant foliage (planted in a plastic potato bag, by the way) and see some mysterious damage here and there. Hmmm... Happy Gardening, my dear!

    1. Lucky you trapping so few earwigs! I'd put the traps out again, maybe moved a bit in case they have a set route to the plants! I think if you see one there are probably hundreds! When I tried growing potatoes last year, when I knocked down the straw tower it was absolutely filled with them! Maybe that's why there is another generation now, I never thought of that. I've never had it this bad since the year we moved in, and I wasn't growing anything then. Although, then they were getting in the house!

  2. Oh, wow! I just found your great comment. Thank you. I'm impressed, too, about your trip. I haven't left the country since high school. ~sigh~ And lunch was fantastic!

  3. Well, I didn't really leave the country! PR is one of our territories, so it was easy in that way. No passport or change of money.
    I have to look for pending comments now, no emails even though I set it to let me know. Maybe another of their changes, like doing away with "next blog!"


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