The Neverending Story: Earwig Invasion

So, I was moving more pots, and spraying more earwigs, when I discovered the earwig convention grounds, under the Up Tick® coreopsis.  They scurried, I sprayed, lifting the leaves off the soil, over and over.  I left if for a few hours, came back and found just as many as before.  They scurried, I sprayed.

Then, yesterday afternoon, not even dusk yet, more came out, scrambling up the coreopsis stems, like they owned the place.  It seemed as if each flower had an earwig clinging to it, nibbling holes in the closed buds, or munching on the petals.

So, I spent some time flicking them into a container with some of the spray in the bottom.  Then, came back and did it again.  Started off my morning doing the same.  I also dampened some newspaper and crumpled it up into some black nursery pots, laying the pots down around the Butterfly Garden and borage (which has earwigs, but the plant is so big it's doing well in spite of them).  There were earwigs in the papers this morning, although I couldn't tell you how many, I didn't un-crumple it to check! 

It was still early, around 8:00am after the last earwig flicking, so I thought I'd enjoy some quite time on my deck.  I got out the big canvas sun umbrella, opened it up, and fortunately saw this before I sat down under it!  I tipped it over onto the lawn, where it was more scurry and spray, scurry and spray.  Now I'm out of spray again.  I knew I should have bought two bottles!

My bedroom has French doors onto the back deck, where I let the dogs out into the yard.  There is a light on the house by the doors.  Last night, I turned on the light, and there on the outside rug were earwigs.  And, as I've seen before (at the start of this entire ordeal) earwigs climbing up the side of the house?  Where do they think they are going?  What do they think they are going to do once they get up there?  This is the second time I've had to spray just outside the doors, and while the spray isn't toxic, being lemon grass oil, it sure smells up my bedroom, all night long.  No wonder my sinuses are acting up. 

ALL the suggestions for controlling earwigs don't take into account just how many there are, and how widespread around the yard they are.  They are in the vegetable garden (right now their damage is limited to beans), Butterfly Garden, borage bed, under pots on the deck, probably under the deck where they come out to climb the house, and I think they are ruining the daylilies in the front yard.  I may just cede it all to them, just watering and letting the damage go.  It's too depressing to keep flicking and spraying, while they mock me by surprising me in the waste paper can near the computer!  I have never, ever seen them like this. 


  1. This is making my skin crawl. I wonder what's going on? Ugh... I cut down my spent yucca flower stalks and stacked them on the driveway only to find that earwigs were going to nap the day away inside the base of the little leaves (or whatever they are) that grow on the stalk. You would have been by my side, I'm sure, dancing around and stomping as they scurried. Today we discovered Japanese beetles seem to be a bigger threat. My huge Harry Lauder's walking stick has leaves turned to lace. I sprayed an entire bottle of neem oil on it and two susceptible old rose bushes. Best of luck, my dear. ~hugs~ I'm so sorry for you.

  2. Thanks. I think I've moved from feeling terrible about the losses, into more of the ick factor. I don't know where I'll find the next horde waiting for me!
    At least they aren't the world's largest, which are found in Australia. They grow to over 2"!

  3. How creepy. There are so many of them. Luckily, while we have them, we don't have them like you do. The worse we have ever had was a box elder bug issue at our old house. We would kill 20-50 a day inside and the outside of our house constantly had tons crawling on it. So sorry you have all these new friends.


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