Frosty Morning Pretties

With the Solstice less than two weeks away (December 21), it's not surprising the mornings are so cold and frosty.
I've taken to pulling on my coat and venturing out to see what beauty nature's provided in the frost formations.

ground cover wallflower
sea thrift
sea thrift flower
rock rose
rock rose

pluot branch
We may be entering the coldest season, but the fruit trees are already planning for spring and forming flower buds!

Dwarf Stella cherry
Frost peach - so well-named!
pluot Flavor Supreme
 Even the vehicles look pretty in the winter!

ice on windshield
ice on hood
True, none of these come near to the ice and snow and cold weather some of you are enduring.  
And, we'll get more, hopefully not the snows of the past couple of years, but the first few frosts always seem so magical!  
No one's slipped on the icy deck yet.  
No one's fuming that the car windows are iced over because someone forgot to put the car under the carport the night before, and now someone will be late to somewhere.  
No one's bemoaning the loss of a favorite "winter hardy" plant.  

So, so far, it's all good and lovely to look at.

'Tis the Season!



  1. Beautiful photographs! I have to ask if you've taken courses. The penguin made me giggle, an unexpected find at the end. ~grin~ Be well and stay warm!

  2. No courses. Just the good camera in an iPhone! Give in, Darla! They're not the phone of the future anymore! Mine is actually my daughter's old one. I hear the newer ones have even better cameras.

    Little Toby is new, and has to come under the carport every night. We lost our inflatables last year leaving them out at night. After a rain there's water in their bases and then it freezes solid and ruins the motors. I got him free with e-gift cards to Walmart. Those I got because I use Bing as my search engine, and take its rewards quizzes etc. every day. My sons tease me, saying "No one uses Bing!" But, I get points for real things! So, they say, "They have to pay you to use it!" It used to be Starbucks, but I figured Walmart could be anything from food to clothes to manure!

  3. Love all the photographs of ice crystals.

    1. Thanks! I have a hard time not taking more pictures when it's icy and snowy. Hopefully not the snowy part much this winter.


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