Garden Poetry - Effect of Winter

Jui at Positive Cookies has provided us with another poetry prompt!  
 "Effect of Winter"

I'm sharing one haiku, and one that started out as a haiku (its first and third lines are correct), but I didn't want to lengthen the middle line, so it isn't!

It's easy to see and feel winter as a dreary dead place.  After all, the gardens are fallow, the paths are mud.  Spring with her crocus and daffodils seems as if she will never come. 
But, take a closer look at winter.  More beauty exists than we're aware of if we keep to our
sofas and beds!

winter is two faced
dark, wet, cold, barren landscapes
look closer, beauty

Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a season of holidays, bringing sadness (and stress) for many,
yet, others feel nothing but joy and goodness. 
The dark skies are lit by holiday bright lights. 
I suppose you could say winter is juxtaposition in nature!

Winter depresses
Winter delights
Both living in one


  1. Hi! So sorry to drop by this late. I love the haiku and accompanying photographs very much. Hope you had a nice X-mas and new years.
    Jui Positive Cookies

    Please ignore the link in previous one.


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