More Winter Sowing +

There was a break in the weather earlier this afternoon, lasting long enough to get more containers filled and sown.

I'm up to container # 25, with only one being planted with two different seeds (both lupines, so if they crawl around it won't matter!).

In containers 15-26 I planted (continuing on from the last one the other day, #15)

     15. anise hyssop
     16. golden lemon balm (lemon balm with golden leaves!
     17. violas, Johnny Jump-up
     18. Swiss chard
     19. lamb's ears
     20. lettuce, Rocky Top mix
     21. red plains coreopsis
     22. blue vervain
     23. firecracker penstemon
     24. red hot pokers (torch lily, orange and purple variety)
     25. Rocky Mountain bee plant
     26. allium oreophilum

Just a few other things to note.

1 - the Duck brand of duct tape is worthless!  The kind from the Dollar Tree is much better.  The Duck has trouble holding a measly little Christmas light wire to the wall, and absolutely won't stick to milk jugs.
2 - that potting soil I bought isn't very good.  I know it wasn't the best, but the "perlite" it is said to contain is invisible.  You should be able to see the perlite.  It did however contain small pieces of thin plastic (like bag plastic), and I think a piece of measurable Styrofoam!  They are also old, as the soil is caked together.  Good thing once the seeds germinate they won't be in the jugs long!

The parsley Winter Sown last year is looking great.  A biennial, it will flower, seed, and die this coming season.

The Walker's Low catmint looks deader than usual, but peering deep inside the deep inside the dead clump these is new growth.

The English (common garden) thyme show hope for the spring as well... After that drastic pruning I gave it, I'm surprised, and delighted!

I've got not one, but four yellow yarrow starts from broken pieces!  Here's two...  I'll be sorry when my perennials do so well I don't need to start seeds or buy anything new!

I transplanted one of the front yard sea thrifts into the new herb bed.  I plan on removing all the small plants out front, and am testing how they do after a few years growing in front.

And, something I found humorous... this sign taped to an outdoor trash can in front of a Goodwill store.  At least, I think it's humorous.  It begs a few questions.  Is there a big problem with people dumping cat litter?  Why would an irresponsible cat owner drive their dirty litter to a trash can, rather than dump it on the roadside? (I find irresponsible cat owners don't have cat boxes in the first place, they let their cats use my front yard.)  And, if one is dumping cat litter, is the sign really going to stop them?  Are the trash cans unlined?  Because if they are lined, who'd know there was cat litter?  And, if they aren't lined... ewww. 

On that note, since I suppose I won't "see" you until 
next year, 

I'll wish you a


🎆   🎆   🎆   


  1. Your winter sowing program is quite impressive.

  2. I agree with Jason. ~nods~ It's a shock to me that anyone would sell soil that contaminated. Yikes. I have a sad feeling the note is not a joke. But it's certainly odd. Meanwhile, I just hauled two full litter box liners to the curb for tomorrow's pickup. ~grin~ There would be a third from the basement but our geriatric kitties are too lazy to go down there often, if ever. Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks to both of you!
    Jason, from the looks of your summer garden you don't need to grow another thing! Your front garden is just heavenly.
    Darla, I clean the two cats' box 1-second thing each morning (after feeding them), before I go to bed, and anytime I see there's something in it! Otherwise the dogs get into it! When I used liners Benny just had "fun" pulling them up! He gets into trouble when he's bored. He's my first smart cat. He's not an "easy" cat, he is always finding things to do. They're strictly indoor cats.

  4. Happy New year! You have been busy, and there is lots of promise for your new gardening year. Most of all, I enjoyed a chuckle or two as I read your thoughts on the trash can!


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