Friday, January 11, 2019

Dark, Damp, Dreary... but not all's dismal and depressing!

It's easy to see nothing but brown in the garden in winter.  The herb garden is at its worst right now (other than the rosemary).  The oregano is flat, the thyme pruned to nothing but sticks, sage drops more leaves daily. 

But, sitting on the edge of the deck this morning, waiting for the hummingbird I saw a few minutes earlier to return to the rosemary (it scolded me in its high pitched chirps and left), and noticed so much spring hope!  Yes, it's less than a month into winter, on the calendar, but look here...

Bulbs are bursting out of the soil everywhere.

Star of Bethlehem in container where I planted it last year

in the paths (these may be Star of Bethlehem from when it was wild in the lawn that was here

in the new herb garden, where they must be hardy survivors of the digging the new area

on the edges of the new herb bed, where I didn't disturb the existing plantings

sprouting sparaxis in the old herb garden, it's also growing in the front yard bed

Some even seem to be ready to bloom! 

There are buds on the dormant wisteria and Jelly Bean blueberry.  So, really they aren't dormant, they are very busy inside!


Jelly Bean blueberry
There's new lemony catnip and lupine growth in the Butterfly Garden. Both of these were Winter Sown last year.

lemony catnip

Russell lupine

Dittany of Crete oregano has new spring green growth.

And the hardy geraniums, while looking completely dead, aren't.  This is a new one for me, I grew it from seed last year (Winter Sown in fact), so I didn't know it had a sort of crown (not sure that's the right word) in the middle for its new spring growth. 

hardy geranium

So, it may be winter, it may look like not much is happening, but look closer.  There's lots of growth going on! 

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