Thursday, January 3, 2019

Four Little Things for Early 2019

Took a few minutes out in the cold this morning to break down a big cardboard box (my son got a new desk chair from his brother for Christmas) for weed smothering.  This is an area that will have new bark from Lowe's (hopefully broken bags at 50% off!), using my gift card I got from my daughter for Christmas! I'll install the bricks along that upper edge too.  The wire fencing on the left is to protect the dormant transplanted daylily divisions from Edward the Plodding Goldendoodle. 

The Deodar cedar (the really pretty one with drooping branches) dropped one cone.  One.  In March of 2013 there were hundreds, thousands of seeds.  Of course, it isn't March, maybe it's just letting me know it's going to do it again!  A six year gap is quite a while between flowering.  While both sexes of flowers are usually on each branch, entire trees may be one sex!  Mine is a female tree.  It's never had any of the male catkins.  The cone today was already partially apart.  To see just how beautiful they are, here's my post from 2013...

The Dollar Tree is getting in the spring gardening supplies.  Today (I needed their duct tape for Winter Sowing) they had the cutest ceramic mushrooms!  Not plastic, really ceramic with glazed caps!  And not tiny either, as you can see by the size of my large manly lady hands! I got one of each of the three colors; I think they'll run out quickly.  The green isn't as striking up close, but I like it best, and wouldn't mind a few more!  These look like something you'd see elsewhere for $4.99 or so.

Last, but not least, I rejoined the Arbor Day Foundation.   I got information in the mail yesterday, and hadn't been a member in a few years, and it's a good organization, so went for it.  I'll get my free trees (you have an option to get them, if you don't they plant them in forests, so I felt a bit guilty wanting them!) with membership.  Members get a nice discount on tree purchases.  Use their "choose a tree" finder for lists of what's best in your area, and for your use/soil/sun etc. In my area the free trees are:

* 2 flowering crabapples
* 3 American redbuds
* 2 Washington hawthorns
* 3 white dogwoods
* 2 crape myrtles

Of course, these free ones won't be like the ones they sell, which are older, these will be a year old, they'll be sticks.  Last time not all survived, but I got a nice redbud, dogwood and for some reason I had a red maple.  Unfortunately, I offered them to a former co-worker, who, even though he could drive right past my house on his way home from work, let them sit in my driveway and die.  This time, any I don't want will go on Craigslist to good homes!  I would love a dogwood, crabapple and redbud at least.  

Hope 2019 has started out on a positive note for you!   
I'm waiting to hear back from the plumber, and 
I need to find out why my truck is "running lean."
So, not a great start here!
(Oh, I hope to hear from some local people from Craigslist that have a pile of old bricks, rocks and concrete pieces!  That would make things better!)


  1. We had a lovely deodar cedar at a previous home. I hated leaving it behind.
    Those dollar tree finds are so cute. I've learned that if you see something you want there, you better get it!!!

    1. They are such beautiful trees. The native cedars are rather ugly next to them! Well, really, they aren't attractive trees next to anything, I don't think. Don't let mine hear, they are huge and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them!
      I know what you mean about the Dollar Tree. They carry many of the same products year after year, but then suddenly won't. I always bought the lemon scented hand soap, but they haven't had it in a few months. I liked the lemon scent in the kitchen.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm so sorry about all your travails. ~hugs~ Can you believe the Arbor Day foundation used to send out Bradford pear trees? Only years later, after that was the only survivor from those my neighbor gave me, did I learn they are invasive in our area. ~sigh~ And one area neighborhood features them in every yard. Ugh...