Thursday, January 10, 2019

Winter Sowing - day 5, almost done!

Got containers #44 - #50 done today.  Only one new milk jug.  My big milk drinker was out of town for three weeks, and it shows!  I need to push the milk consumption, I need those jugs!

Beautiful Boo, yet again

          44 - showy milkweed
          45 - yellow four o'clocks
          46 - Rocky Mountain blue penstemon
          47 - sweet William (free seeds, I don't care for the space-stealing size of the plants)
          48 - coscosmia, 'Lucifer'
          49 - rain lilies (don't expect these to grow, I read they need to be planted directly after harvesting)
          50 - lavender, 'Ellagance Snow' (my own saved seeds, I'm not holding my breath on these!)

I'm actually almost done.  14 new seed packets (not necessarily "new" as in never grown before, new as in bought for this season) and 7 either my own saved seeds or older packets I never used last year.  I'm waiting on Welsh onions and three kinds of ornamental grasses for the front yard to arrive by mail.  Welsh onions are neither Welsh, nor used in Welsh cooking!  They are originally from Asia, and the name comes from a word meaning "foreign."  I'm going to try to grow it, not for eating, but for it's ornamental flowers.  Since the blue fescue in the front yard is successful to the point of seeding all over the place (I cut off the beautiful flowers this past year so it wouldn't), I'm going to try growing a few other grasses and let them all go wild!  Something needs to be big enough to keep the neighbor's cats away. 

As you can see, it's a sunny day.  The sunrise was so beautiful I went out and tried to get pictures but they didn't do it justice.  The "smoke" isn't.  Its from the nearby Boise Cascade mill that makes plywood, and it's steam as it dries.  Some days the air is perfumed with wonderful wood smells! 

Of course, "red sky at morning, sailors take warning" means rain is on the way.

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