Six on Saturday - flowers and a harvest!

The past week has been in the 70s, and the garden loved it!
So many seeds have sprouted.
So many flower have blossomed.
There's even a delicious harvest ready!

Six on Saturday for March 23, 2019
courtesy of 
The Propagator at

1 - grape hyacinths have replaced the crocus in beds and containers

2 - flowering quince is doing just that, flowering

3 - the Flavor Supreme pluot (plumcot) is blooming

4 - forsythia is nearly at full flower

5 - miner's lettuce keeps popping up.  Last year there was one in a blueberry container, but that was it.  I have no idea where so many seeds came from, both front yard and back.  I don't mind it, I think it's a pretty plant, plus it is edible.  The leaves are fleshy and taste a bit like spinach.  Here it is growing in the pure sand of the fire pit.

6 - last, but definitely not least, the beginning of the very, very short asparagus harvest season!  (If I'd know the photo was blurry, I'd have taken another before I ate the asparagus.  They're sitting on my new plates from the Dollar Tree, which are really very pretty and springy!)

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