Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2019

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day sneaked up on me this month!  I looked down at the date on the monitor (knowing full well it was the 14th, since that's my birthday!) and received the ridiculous (since it shouldn't have been one) surprise that it was going to be the 15th!  Well, of course it was, that's the way EVERY month goes, the 15th comes after the 14th, and that's always the day of Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!  

Thanks to Carol for hosting this every month.

There is still so much in bloom in the August garden.  Sure, some things are done, but so much has taken the places I don't even notice.  For instance, in the Pollinator Garden the Clarkia is gone, flowered, seeded, been pulled out.  But, the cosmos and black-eyed Susans have replaced them.

except for the Up Tick coreopsis in the upper right corner, these are all from Dollar Tree seeds
Instead of scarlet flax I have some type of pretty little beebalm.No, it isn't, it's wild basil! I did have seeds, so I must have either tossed some in this bed, or dumped the non-germinating Wintersowning jug out.

The plains coreopsis, Up Tick™ coreopsis, and lance-leaf coreopsis are blooming non-stop.  I am letting the plains go to seed, saving some, scattering some in the Toss Garden, and letting most fall where it may.  I deadhead the others because they are perennials and I don't need more.  They can concentrate on making flowers instead of seeds.

yes, Dollar Tree seeds! 
Up Tick coreopsis
Up Tick and lance-leaf coreopsis, both grown from broken chunks of my original plants.

a new lance-leaf coreopsis, probably from (you guessed it) Dollar Tree seeds

For some reason the alyssum caught its third wind.

Sunflowers of course!
I planted several colors other than this, but all the flowers are this.  That's okay,
traditional sunflowers.  One is 10' tall, and it isn't even growing in the bed, it's a
volunteer from last year.  Of course, it is facing the neighbor's, like most are.

Nothing exotic, but I love the morning glories.  I prefer the usual blue, but I did
plant a mix, and have two other colors.

these blues self-seeded from last year's one volunteer plant

 The narrow-leaf milkweed is flowering and its seedpods are already releasing seeds.

narrow-leaf milkweed

 The Gay Butterflies butterfly weed is flowering too, but its pods are still tightly closed.
The photo below shows two that grew from last year's saved seeds that were just tossed on the edge of the Toss Garden!  I'll move them later in the year.

butterfly weed "gay butterflies"
 Right near the butterfly weed I found this annual mallow of some sort.  My Dollar Tree seed pack listed "mallow, annual" so this might be one of them.

 Borage is always welcome... in its place.
These are the grandchildren of the first plants of the season!  These later
plants keep to a nice reasonable size, and rounded shape.

 The two Wintersown last year garlic chives!

 The feverfew came back to flower again after pruning way back.

Walker's Low catmint always has a second bloom after I cut it to ground level when the
first flowers die back.

 Lewisia has been flowering since I dug it out of the front yard and put it in a pot! 

This has been a small representation of what is blooming in August.  August is my "big bloom" month!

I'll leave you with a  photo collage of the Pollinator Garden.  It's from my Instagram,
where I post daily gardening photos, with a few pets and thrift store finds thrown in!


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!
    Now I have to run outside and check on my butterfly weed - I saw a split in a seed pod this morning and forgot to go back and get it before it scatters onto to lawn where it cannot grow. Thanks for the reminder!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. Hi, I am back again. Found 3 butterfly milkweed pods opening! Have you grown milkweed from seed? Any advice for me?
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

    1. I have, but not by cultivating it on purpose! I mean, I planted both showy milkweed and my saved butterfly weed seeds last winter (wintersowing method) with no results. Fed up, I threw the rest of the seeds into the area I toss deadheads and old plants, and leftover seeds, and the butterfly weed grew. Two blooming, as in the above photo, and about six that haven't yet, or they are a different kind. I don't have any showy milkweed from my seeds. Now, the narrow-leaf appeared where it belongs, in the Butterfly Garden. I didn't knowingly plant narrow-leaf, but two years ago I was given a paper bag of milkweed fluff and seeds. I forgot about them until last year, stuck them in the refrigerator for a few months, then threw the seeds around. That is probably where the narrow-leaf came from. Although, I have some blooming in my front yard, where I never planted it! So, my advice is, don't coddle it. Try growing half, and just throw and ignore the other half! Also, milk weed requires cold stratification, so either refrigerate the seeds, or do wintersowing. I had my saved butterfly weed seeds in the refrigerator too, ever since they were dry. Here's a post I made about gathering the seeds.
      This was butterfly weed, which was easier than the milkweed. It's pods dry out and you can pick them before they crack. The milkweed is cracking while they are still green, but the seeds are brown. Good luck!

  3. I read your post from last year - very helpful!

  4. Narrow leaf milkweed is quite startling...Loved the prolific colors of cosmos...Have a great week ahead...Happy Blooms day.

  5. Wow, I could spend a lot of time in your garden if this is just a little of it! You are so blessed to have such wonderful colors and all your work shows :) Thanks for sharing it with us today!

    My Corner of the World


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