New Succulents!

I got myself a birthday present, three little succulents from
Mountain Crest Gardens 
Reasonable prices, unusual varieties, and the shipping cost didn't cause me to 
empty my online shopping cart like with so many plant sellers! 
Also, I'm in Oregon, they're in California, so the plants didn't have to be in
transit for long.  In fact, they left CA on Monday, I had them Wednesday!

What did I get?

Here's the threesome newly unpacked.

There's Gastera 'Little Warty.'  Cute even if he wasn't called "Little Warty!"

 Austrocylindropuntia subulata 'Eve's Pin' or 'Eve's Needle" - I suppose "Eve" will be her name!  She's not a succulent, but a cactus.  I'm really not sure why I picked this variety, as they grow quite large!  Maybe because it's said to be a slow grower and hard to kill! 

 String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) - I will call her "Pearl!"

They came very well packaged, with crinkled paper and packing peanuts.  Also, heavier paper cones surrounding their little pots.

"CAUTION SHARP OBJECT INSIDE" was a great warning notice!  Eve's Pin is indeed sharp!  I unpacked her, knocked the pot over on the table, picked it up, yelled, "Ow" and then had to laugh at myself!

The company included some really helpful information, "first steps, and succulent care including light, water, soil etc.  So far I've only transplanted Little Warty.  I have to take into consideration where they will be kept, out of Benny the cat's reach.  Rather than mix my own succulent soil I bought Miracle-Gro© Cactus, Palm and Citrus Potting Mix, to which I added perlite, 1 part perlite to 2 parts potting mix. 

Here's Little Warty, hopefully enjoying his new home, a McCoy planter I found at St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop last week!  It was very hard for me to actually use a McCoy planter for its intended purpose!  This one had already been used as a planter, so that made it easier.  I'm not sure I can bring myself to use the others, the flower pots with attached saucers.

I had that little tiny pottery jug on a shelf.  

It's an interesting planter, shaped like those preformed ponds for your garden.  Since it didn't have a drainage hole I added sharp gravel in the bottom.

I'm trying different materials for macrame pot holders so Pearl can hang in the window.  The three strand rope (separated) is a bit too bulky and rustic. The plastic clothes line is too slippery, but a nice thickness.  The method is very easy once you do it once!

None of these succulents are going into this pot, I was just seeing how it looked.  This is the clothes line from the Dollar Tree, starting with four 60" pieces.  

Pearl and Eve will have to wait a few more days.  They can stay in their original pots for a while.
Aren't they adorable though? 
If you're looking to buy some succulents, for indoors or out, check out 
This isn't a sponsored post, I just am impressed with my purchases!  
They sell soft (tender warmer winter) succulents as well as hardy ones that withstand cold winters, both indoor and outdoor succulents, and some cactus.  Lots of hens and chicks, which I resisted... this time!  


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