Some Rain Relief!

It rained late morning through the afternoon, and was it ever refreshing!
Yes, it's a bit muggy, but much nicer than the heat.
The plants actually look happier!  I suppose if they felt emotions they would be, 
since they are bound to be healthier with the summer dust washed off their leaves, since they
actually breathe through their leaves!  
That's why if you have dusty houseplants you really should clean them off!

I got some photos of some rain drops hanging around on leaves...

milkweed pods...

and petals.

The Mexican red sunflower is so lovely.  Here one of the flowers is featured in front of Up Tick® coreopsis, black-eyed Susan, and peeks of blanketflower, anise hyssop and butterfly weed.

In the Pollinator Garden the Dollar Tree seed blends are still putting out loads of blooms!

Plains coreopsis (the tallest against the trellis), alyssum that just won't slow down, purple rocket larkspur, a few last Chinese forget-me-nots, and black-eyed Susan.  Also on the trellis is a huge cosmos plant in bud.  There are several plants that will bloom next year there too, like the sweet William, Siberian wallflower, and coneflower.

 This black-eyed Susan is different from all my others.  It came up from the seed blends as well, more like a little bush form. 

 Then, there's the cosmos!  Lots of cosmos!  And more rocket larkspur, and black-eyed Susan.  Not shown are annual wallflower, calendula, and red corn poppies. 
All from those Dollar Tree seed mixes!

It's good the weather is cooler, since I transplanted the Virginia creeper to the wire fence area.  They were rooted in containers from chunks I ripped out of the compost heap!  They'll be covering that fence soon.

Also, the rootings of bugleweed are transplanted under one of the cedars.  I'm not sure how they'll do, but I needed to get them out of their pots. 

Cilantro's having a second go.  That mulch there is looking rather straw-like, but it's just free grass clippings from mowing the lawn! 

Some random pictures.

Tri-color sedum.  The white ones are beautiful, but since they lack chlorophyll they'll die.

 These are the two side artichokes.  I get to eat them all myself!

 The blanketflower at the edge of the Toss Garden.  They weren't "tossed," they were transplanted there after Wintersowing, and I had nowhere else to stick them! 

Last, but definitely not least, I got a wonderful McCoy flower pot at St. Vincent de Paul a few days ago!  They had it tagged as Shawnee, and in the store I couldn't read the marks on the bottom well enough to see if that was accurate.  But, it was a few dollars, and in great condition, and I do collect Shawnee (well, I have one piece, it's a collection start!).
Turns out it's McCoy!  

So, now I have two McCoy flower pots!  Funny how they're the same color, yet I got them years apart.  Actually, I have no idea where this other one came from.  I know it used to be under the kitchen sink, holding old toothbrushes (great scrubbers for small places!), and detergent bottles when they needed resting upside down to get the last out.  I'm glad I rescued it before it got damaged!

Have a great weekend!


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