Wordy Wednesday - June 24, 2020

So many pretty things in the garden, I didn't want to be "wordless" today!

 The Butterfly Garden keeps providing incredible color combos. 
Here are 'Moonshine' yarrow, 'Gay Butterflies' butterfly weed, and godetia.

Then, in the front yard, the Shirley poppies keep opening to new colors!

Someone commented a few days ago about the poppies looking like hand painted silk.  This close-up sure does.

 We all know how pretty Jewel Mix nasturtiums can be!

 'Bonanza' daylily

 'American Revolution' daylily

 Annual tall plains coreopsis in the Toss Garden.

 Another type of tall plains coreopsis, this in the Butterfly Garden.

 A new insect spotted and identified!  
Leafhopper assassin bug.
They are predators, good!  
The eat beneficial insects too, bad!
But, these coreopsis are being nibbled at night, so the assassin bug can stay 
to hopefully help out. 
I think his little face is almost cute!  Almost.

 A coneflower forming.  I haven't grown them before, so am taking photos daily to see just how they form the petal part of the flower!  I noticed too late there was a cucumber beetle clinging to the bud.

 Some pollinating friends.

Bachelor button

 'Panorama Red Shades' bee balm

Perennial coreopsis

 The path in the Toss Garden is impassable.

 Lovely, ruffly coyote mint flowers.  Coyote mint, or Mountain Pennyroyal, smells like toothpaste!


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