Six on Saturday - July 11, 2020

Six on Saturday, the weekend gardening place to be!

Another long week gone
and while the garden is growing like... well, weeds...  there
isn't a lot of excitement going on.

Pretty much how life is right now, not very exciting.
The only change here is the appearance of "Baby Cat," aka "Garden Cat."
No... another change is my daughter flying away back home later today.  She left her city weeks ago (months if you don't count the one day back to take care of business) due to isolation issues in the shut-down. 
Now, who knows what she'll find, her city is still having ongoing "protests" not far from her downtown apartment.  It might not be safe, or feel safe, as it's a walk-everywhere area.

1 - "Hey!  I Was Gonna Sit There!"

 I put the cover on the butterfly chair (50's original my parents bought) and by the time I turned around to sit it was occupied!  "Baby Cat"  follows me around the garden, mewing almost too softly to be heard.  Not sure what he or she wants, unless it's to go home, wherever "home" may be.  I am getting the feeling "home" will end up being my house. "Baby Cat" has been here a week tomorrow.

 2 - Gladiola 

I am very pleased with my Dollar Tree gladiolas grown in Holland!  Six bulbs in a box for $1.
 I wasn't expecting them to do much this year.  Again, the Dollar Tree bulbs and seeds have done amazingly well.  I have six each of Purple Rain and Jester.  This white is Purple Rain, which blooms purple, pink, or white. Yellow Jester is just starting to open.

3 - Rain Lilies 

My second summer with rain lilies.  These are in the herb garden, and, like the ones last year that bloomed in the Pollinator Garden, open after the sprinkle has been on them.  In fact, these were buds and I put the sprinkle on just so they'd open for Six on Saturday!
These are from Winco, eight bulbs for $2.98.  They are supposed to be a mix of pink, white, and yellow, but I've only ever gotten the pink.   

4 - Artichoke

I am letting the artichoke flower, just because I wanted to see the flowers.
This is the top one right now.  An amazing color! 

5 - Bush Beans

It's been touch and go with the bush beans.  I think they have finally gotten big enough to endure whatever is nibbling them at night, even when I surround them with diatomaceous earth.  They got fed a dose of my favorite, G&B Organic High Growth Liquid Fertilizer.  It smells like a tide pool at low tide, and is sticky with molasses and brown.

6 - Blazing Star

Another Winco success, and another eight bulbs for $2.98!  Would have thought a grocery store would carry such great bulbs?  These are so much nicer than I expected, the plants are big and are blooming in more colors than the box showed.  I will be getting several more boxes of there next year (they were planted in February).  The bees are just crazy for them too. 
The poppies behind them have mostly gone to seed.  The coreopsis and gaura are going strong though, and there's also a 'Moonshine' yarrow.  My filling in with perennials is beginning to work!

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  1. I don't know if I prefer the cat or the flowers ...All your Six is beautiful ( artichoke, rain lilies, gladiola ...and Garden cat!)

    1. Thank you! I've never grown artichokes before, so had to let some go for the flowers. I didn't expect it to survive the winter, I cut it back and mulched it, but it wouldn't stay dormant.

  2. Things are looking great in Oregon. The dollar glads are especially nice. Such a deal!

    1. I was sold on the Dollar Tree seeds last year, and now their bulbs. Winco too, their bulbs are great. I get them when they first come out, or risk them old at 75% off. Daffodils were fine old last year. I open the boxes and feel the bulbs to make sure they're firm!

  3. The Liatris are quite remarkable. They look great amongst your other plants adding that strong vertical element.

    1. I hope once they are opened all up and down the spikes they last a long time.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful, Lisa! Nothing cheers me like flowers. I had no idea you could get bulbs in the Dollar Tree. You can bet I'm going to be looking from now on! (P.S. Glads were my Mom's favourite! Whenever I see them, I think of her! Thank you!)
    And P.P.S. Is Edward a sheepdog?!!!

    1. I have had nothing but great success with Dollar Tree bulbs and seeds. I grew the Pollinator Mix and Wild Flower Mix last year (some are the 25 cent packets, but they have boxes for $1) and was amazed by what grew! The coneflowers are blooming this year. I have ixia from their bulbs that came back from last year. This was the first time I saw the gladiolas. I think that was the last time I shopped there before my son started doing the shopping.

      Edward was a Goldendoodle. The sweetest thing ever, if you weren't a small dog. How small we never figured out, but he had some size where "friend" switched to "food." I got him free on Craigslist at age 2 1/2, with untreated epilepsy which had left him a bit brain damaged. He couldn't learn a single thing! Very high maintenance. His grooming, and his epilepsy meds and severe allergies and thyroid pills... I don't recommend goldendoodles, the vet said they are prone to allergies and epilepsy.

  5. You've been very lucky with your bulb purchases. They look super. I've just eaten my artichokes and I'm now wishing I had a flower head like that to admire. I'm sure it will produced some more before the end of the year. The chair stealing Baby cat is very cute.

    1. My artichoke plant was only grown from seed last year, so I'm surprised it's so big and had so many artichokes to eat and leave some too. I have two other plants, but they are smaller and didn't have any.

  6. love the glads. i have taken advantage of some end of season clearance sales. bought 3 bags of 24 good size glad bulbs for £3 total. bargain. all in garish colours too. pow!

    1. That's an amazing price! And you can easily tuck bulbs anywhere between plants! I love the garish colors of glads!


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