A Monday Morning Bouquet

All right, not actual flowers from my garden (I rarely pick flowers for the house), but a
start-the-week-off-on-a-cheery-note bouquet none the less.

This painting hangs over the head of my bed, rather like the bedhead I don't have.  It's 30" x 36", so big enough to do the job.

It came from Goodwill maybe six or seven years ago.  I believe I paid $14.99, a high record for me to pay at a thrift store.  It just looked perfect for the spot on my yellow bedroom wall.


 I imagine it to be a breakfast table, with morning sun shining in the windows.  
My grandmother had an actual breakfast room off the kitchen in the east corner of her house.  
It was such a lovely sunny place to sit in the morning.

 Again, my imagination... these are geraniums, don't you think?


 Use of brush and knife are both in evidence.  Too bad the artist didn't sign
his or her name.

The only thing that irritates me about this painting, and it only does so if I stop and think of it, is 
the fact there is an even number of flowers!  In fact, an even number in each vase.  I do not
like even numbers!  Maybe a ninth one could have been sticking up a bit out of the bigger vase on the left.

Have a great week! 


Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too


  1. Even though the number is even, still lovely. Maybe the person was counting the fruit?

    1. Yes, it is, and I can overlook the number! I would have made it odd though! Just an idiosyncrasy.

  2. ...I think that I should shop at your Goodwill!!!


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