Oh, Dear... it's a double day: Six on Saturday AND Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2020

It happens once in a while, the two gardening blog events collide.


Six on Saturday

For this Double Day Saturday I will start my Garden Blooms with Six, a few non-bloomers,
and then those of you other Sixers can stop there.
Bloom Day readers can continue on!

How's that work for you?

1 - New Butterfly Chair Cover

These are the original 50s chairs, so I have to be careful ordering replacement covers.  Newer chairs fold, these are solid.  And very, very sturdy and comfortable.

2 - Shades of Pink

in the new purple chair cover!
This actually makes today a triple day.

"Anything Goes" Pink Saturday

Cosmos, bachelor buttons, rocket larkspur, and a bit of blue rocket larkspur and white alyssum, in my Shawnee fish planter.

3 - My Favorite Photo of the Week

Persian catmint, alyssum and rocket larkspur blooming together in the Pollinator Garden.
The Persian catmint has been blooming since March with just one partial pruning.
It's amazing and very easy to grow.

4 - Russian Sage 'Blue Jeans Baby'

Okay, it doesn't look like much, but it was only planted bareroot last November, an early Christmas present from my youngest son.  A clearance and free shipping from Breck's. 

5 - The Sprinkle was Left Running!

Sprinkle left on + clay soil = winter rain worthy puddles.
I am watering often these days.  Yesterday was 102, today is forecast to be 105.  Sunday's 99 will feel downright cool!

6 - Pineapple Mint

 Pineapple mint is a variegated variety, and sometimes a pure white leaf will form.  I have never had one live long enough to form a flower!  Without chlorophyll leaves can't make energy for life.
I have another "albino" plant experience to blog about next week.  A short post.
Pineapple mint is SO good chopped on fresh fruit salad!

On to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Lots of flowers, just nothing stunning or eye-catching, so combined a few to share but not over burden you!

I actually tore out some Sensation mix cosmos, the solid ones in the lower left.  The color fades in one day, like an old house with cheap paint, and the plant's are too big and ugly.

Here we have four o'clocks and a morning glory climbing with a tomato.  'Candy Stripe' cosmos,  a zinnia, and the Sensation mix cosmos.

 Purple coneflowers, butterfly weed 'Gay Butterflies' (which came back after I cut most of the stems forming seed pods), false or ox-eye sunflower in front of some small black-eyed Susans, and 'Moonshine' yarrow (second bloom after I cut back all the dying old flower stems).

 UpTick™ coreopsis is non-stop if I deadhead twice daily, blanketflower is getting a late start this summer.  Tall plains coreopsis is still pretty, although many have gone to seed.  While the main Toss Garden black-eyed Susans, very tall plants, are gone, the smaller ones are blooming now.

 Gaura always lasts all summer until fall and even after.  Sunflowers have morning glories climbing them.  Narrow-leaf milkweed has more flowers as well as seed pods that have already burst open.
'Red Riding Hood' penstemon is another one that blooms again after the old flower stems are cut off.

Of course, there are bush beans and tomatoes...

strawberry mint, garlic chives...

and never-ending borage.  This is the fourth generation borage this season.
The next will wait out winter as small plants.

Whew!  August takes a lot of gardening.  Watering and weeding, harvests (not so much yet, things are a little late this year) and seed collecting.  
Mostly watering.  I'm grateful my water rates are low.

Thanks for staying with me until the end!
This double or triple day won't happen again until May 2021.


  1. Before I admire your flowers, I want to say that I've grown pineapple mint for years and mine puts out a lot of white leaves. I rarely use it, I just like it. I've never tried penstemon; I should. I love your riot of color, and that you include some veggie flowers. And borage, which I haven't grown in a long time. Finally, loved your fish planter bouquet.

    1. I will always have borage, whether I want to or not! I had just two plants a few years ago. Obviously the seeds feel as I removed the plants, at least in an open area they are welcome to.

  2. Interesting group for Six on Saturday, and your Bloom Day flowers are absolutely stunning!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. I didn't know the pineapple mint... Thanks for sharing. I have Moroccan mint and chocolate mint
    Nice colors in the last photos with all these flowers.

    1. Moroccan is one I don't have. I have many others. Strawberry is my favorite for aroma, like strawberry candy. Banana mint doesn't smell at all like banana to me, and sweet pear smells nasty!

  4. This was a fun post, Lisa. I also run into those blog meme clashes at times, unusually with In a Vase on Monday and GBBD. I love your butterfly chair - I have one of the fold-able ones. I also love your pink arrangement. Your Achillea 'Moonshine' looks fantastic with its second flush - I guess I need to cut my spent flower stems all the way down to the base instead of just taking their heads off!

    1. I have found several plants rebloom if I get really down in there and cut the stems completely off. Besides the yarrow, Shasta daisies are another. And most catmints/catnips of course.

  5. Pineapple mint on fruit salad sounds delicious and refreshing. I'll put it on my wish list. The fish planter is so cute. I've not seen them in the UK.

    1. It's the only mint (I have a lot of kinds) I actually pick to eat! I love the others for the flowers, aroma, and just because I like to collect them!
      Shawnee was an American pottery company in Ohio form 1937-1961. Some are marked Shawnee, others USA, and some had paper labels and nothing else.

  6. Beautiful blooms.I have never heard of pineapple mint .It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here. http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/08/garden-affair-link-up-party.html

  7. A really interesting post, and so much colour!! Love it!

    1. Thank you. It's funny how I don't notice just how much is blooming until I gather it all together.

  8. I enjoyed all your lovely blooms, and the pineapple mint sounds interesting! Thank you for stopping by and Happy Bloom Day and Six on Saturday!

    1. Pineapple mint is probably the prettiest, even if it wasn't the most delicious. I have other mints, lots of them, but for looks pineapple wins. For aroma though, it's strawberry mint.

  9. You have to have a comfortable seat in the garden! I think I might have trouble getting out of it. Your favourite photo of the week works for me too. It’s lovely how Nature creates its own beautiful bouquet when plants begin to mingle.

    1. HA! Yes, it is harder to get out than it used to be! My mother used to photograph grandchildren when they were babies, "trapped" in the chairs! My daughter has already mentioned how her future children will be next!

  10. ...Lisa, I envy all of your flowers. My garden is so shady that I can only hosta and ferns and a few other plants. I get color from foliages!

    1. I would love to be able to plant in my shade, but unless I use containers it wouldn't work. My shade is all under cedars, and the soil is very rooty. Also, there are the needles to contend with. I wish my house inside got a bit more light. Expect now when it's been over 100 for a while.

  11. i hear you on the watering. happily (sort of) we have had a decent amount of rain this week, less watering for me.


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