Pink. Very, Very Pink.

Four O'clocks

Yesterday was the first time I notice the newly opened flowers had a star in the middle where they unfolded!  
Four o'clock is a misleading name.   
Mine bloom twice a day, once at dawn, then in the evening.
The evening bloom seems more fragrant than the morning's, although I'm not sure why that'd be.

 "Anything Goes" Pink Saturday


  1. I haven't grown four o clocks for years, for some unknown reason, but when I did, the pinks were my favorite by far. I don't ever mine blooming twice a day.

    1. I grew them three years ago, and they've been coming back ever sense. In fact, I pull them out by the dozens, since they're in a vegetable bed. I tried to grow yellow, but now I'm glad only these grew. They are so vivid. I forgot how nice they smelled. I noticed tonight how strong the smell is in the evening. Maybe more flowers open than in the morning?

  2. Aw, such beautiful photography, a bright and happy pink. Thank you for sharing!


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