Six on Saturday - August 1, 2020


As a child I loved August, my birthday month.
It was a month of family vacations, with school still a month away.

So, it's August, and hot, and the garden loves it!

Today's Six will be catching up on some propagation done earlier in the year.

And, speaking of propagation, Six on Saturday is hosted by none other than The Propagator himself!

1 - Baptisia, false or wild indigo

Two thriving plants grown from seed this past winter (wintersowing milk jugs).  You can really tell they are legume family members by their leaves, can't you?

 2 - Lavender

I have not had much success growing lavender from seed, but these three grew from a 25 cent pack from the Dollar Tree!  Wintersown again.  It's True, the common or English lavender said to be the most fragrant.

 3 - Daylilies

Eight lovely daylilies grown (yes, wintersown!) from seeds I gathered at the library downtown!
They may not bear true (which would make them lemon yellow), but they're daylilies, and I grew them from seed, so I'm happy!  The seeds I gathered from my own daylilies did not germinate.

 4 - Over-grown Mess?

The terracotta planter is bursting with one sedum 'Angelina' and two garden thymes.
All were wintersown.  The thyme seeds were more 25 cent seeds from the Dollar Tree.
The sedum seeds were purchased two years ago.  No success last year, but this year wintersowing them did the trick!  It's taking on the yellow hue it is supposed to have.

 5 - Hens and Chicks

These were also grown from last year's seeds.  I am pleased to see there are at least two kinds of hens in this particular planting.  More 'Angelina' above them.  It surprised me how quickly both the sedum and the hens and chicks grew once they got going.  They were nearly microscopic at first and so fragile and tender I didn't think they'd make it.

6 - Basil

 If you have read previous posts, or my now in hiatus Instagram, you know I am a failure at growing basil.  I won packets of quite a few varieties, which were planted in new soil in new containers (three tiered), as well as sprinkled in beds.  This is the result.  I tell you, I cannot grow basil!  In beds... in containers... started indoors... direct sowed... 
I am not sure which this is, the label disappeared.  It's too spicy for my taste though, not a basil-y basil taste. 

Enjoy your weekend, and keep those masks on!
They DO make a difference!


  1. Your basil is a lot better than mine which has stalled at the micro herb stage - I want to blame the compost. Well done with the lavender seedlings.

    1. Hard to believe someone has worse basil luck than me! I don't know what to blame. I can't grow carrots either. But, basil is something everyone(but you and I)seem to grow without trying. All the photos of huge harvests...

  2. This week you appear to be the wintersowing queen! You've had great success. I'm very fond of our baptisia and its delicate foliage continues way past blooms.

    1. I didn't realize 5/6 of my six today were wintersown until I started writing about them! It works for difficult seeds. Although this year I had a lot of annual flower failure.

  3. Good job getting so much from so little. Years ago I tried winter sowing and it was too much of a success. I didn't believe it would work so I way over planted seeds. They all came up at once and I didn't have my beds ready to plant. It wasn't the first, nor the last time I bit off more than I could chew.

    1. Ha ha! I know what you mean! The past two years I planted too many containers. I will NOT do that this winter. My greatest surprise success was some of my tomatoes this year. I did not believe tomatoes would work. They did. They were tiny and far behind the ones I grew indoors (which were tiny and far behind compared to the ones in stores), but they have almost caught up now. I think they would be caught up but I put them in containers so they are a bit confined.

  4. I have Baptisia in the garden and love it. It’s just one plant, but has been there for a few years and it’s starting to thicken up now. Well done growing them from seed - and also the lavender. Most of my lavenders have been grown from cuttings or in the case of Baptisia, a small plant - I’m not too adventurous with seeds!

    PS: I can’t grow Basil from seed either! :D

    1. So glad to hear you can't grow it either!


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