Six On Saturday - August 22, 2020

Six on Saturday Time!

1 - Carrots

Not the most amazing thing, unless you weren't expecting them!
In the bed on the left is a real mixture of things.  Strawberry mint, yarrow, artichoke, daylily, blanketflower... some still mysteries, and what turned out to be carrots.  I was wondering.  I had smelled the leaves, and thought "parsley," but I only plant Italian flat leaf.  So, Friday I pulled one out, and discovered carrots!  How?  Still a mystery, although I am known for tossing leftover seeds just anywhere!  Not the prettiest, but they tasted great.

2 - Blue Dasher Dragonfly

3 - Seeds!

It's not too early to start amassing my seeds for next year!
I Wintersow, and while December seems a long way off, it isn't.
Also, seeds are viable for years, and now's the time some vendors have them on sale.
These are from
Their "sample" packs contain more than enough.
For example, their "sample" Contender bush bean contains 2 TBS or about 56 beans.
Their Clarkia, or Farewell to Spring, "sample" is  1/4 tsp, which is approximately a generous and probably too many 700 seeds!
Oh, they are just $1.00 too.  Postage isn't much either.  I paid under $4 for the packets below.

4 - D'Anjou Pear

This little pear grown was from seed germinated in the refrigerator last February.  True, pears do not bear true to type from seed, and do need a pollinator, but it was fun to grow it from seed, and it deserves a chance to at least grow up, which it wasn't going to do in the container.
Last year, as young as it was, it turned the prettiest autumn colors.
 I don't, as a rule, plant directly into the soil, but this area does not get soggy in the winter.
(Oh, my mess is showing in the background!)

5 - White Flowering Dogwood

Another tree I had in a small container that needed out, is this dogwood I got as part of the Arbor Day "gift" trees.  They come as little sticks, but I've always had them grow, but never kept them for myself once they got this large.
Another area of the far back that doesn't sog up in winter, and isn't quite a full sun as the pear spot.

6 - Eve's Pin 
Eve's Needle
(Austrocylindropuntia subulata)

Until I ran across an old photo of this cactus (part of a birthday present to myself last year from
Mountain Crest Gardens) I hadn't realize how much she'd grown!

       Eve's Pin on August 24, 2019                                                         Eve's Pin August 21, 2020

And an extra, just because I feel like it and it feels this way...


  1. Some promising trees. Here's hoping they eventually bear fruit.

    1. I hope at least they grow! It would be nice if the pear flowered at least.

  2. Glad to see a pear tree from seedlings! 2-3 more years and you will get flowers and fruits... Don't forget to prune it at the end of winter: Where there are wood buds, it's necessary to cut the stems by leaving only 2 or 3 buds (they will gradually turn into fruit buds by doing the same again the year after. ) Good luck !

    1. Oh, I am the world's worst pruner. It's why my pluot didn't bear this year. Thanks for the hint on doing a pear. I just want to keep it alive, I am not very successful at growing fruit trees.

  3. How great to get carrots you weren't expecting! That's a great photo of the dragonfly.


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