Six on Saturday - August 8, 2020


Mashenka, grown from seed.  I'm glad I didn't give up on the skinny little seedlings!
And, yes, if you are wondering, I ate the entire thing in one sitting.

2 - Making Things a Bit More Colorful

I had to make a Walmart order for my son to pick-up (You think I'd be crazy enough to shop inside a Walmart right now, even with mandatory masks?), so added in a few colors of spray paint.
I'm pretty sure spray paint has gone the way of sliced cheese, graham crackers, and bags of sugar.  That is, less for the same price.  A can of my regular Rust-Oleum only held enough paint for ONE stepping stone and 3/4 of the trellis (one side and some of the other)!

3 - Coneflower mutation?  Is something wrong?

 Are some coneflowers supposed to be tubular, ruffly?  About five so far are, and they are on the same stems as the regular long petaled ones.
Very pretty, but why?

4 - Floral Mandala

My daughter gave me Grow Curious a book by Gayla Trail with garden activities for each season. 
She actually gave it to me several years ago, but I hadn't finished it, so brought it out again.  It's not something you can actually "finish," as they are open-ended activities, and you can easily do them again in different ways.
One of the summer activities was to make a mandala from natural materials.
The center of mine is a coneflower bud, surrounded by dry black-eyed Susan seed pods, then a ring of lance-leaf coreopsis.  UpTick™ coreopsis follows, with tall plains coreopsis at the end of cosmos petals.  Lastly, bachelor button petals scattered over the top.

5 - Praying Mantis

This one was eating a spider in the woolly apple mint.  Mantises do not change color to match their surroundings, they are naturally green or brown. 

6 - Kalettes

 A cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, I'd never heard of kalettes until I saw them on Instagram.  A generous woman in the UK send me a packet of seeds.  I guess they are better known there than in the US.   I didn't think they would amount to anything, but a few plants have been growing, very, very slowly for months.   There are purple, like below, as well as ones with solid green leaves.  Very pretty plants even if they weren't FORMING KALETTES!
Yes, baby kalettes! 
They take a very long time, and I've read take patience to grow.  I nearly gave up on mine.

That's it for today.
Have a great weekend and stay well.


  1. Ah, your mandala is lovely. I would've definitely eaten that tomato in one go as well. Hubby complains not enough fruits and veggies make it up to the house some days... ;-) I tell him, "You know where to pick your own!"

    1. Thank you. That's a great comeback to your husband's complaint!

  2. I would have eaten the tomato too, and probably not have felt guilty about not sharing it. I can't help you with the coneflower Lisa, but I've got to admit - I really like it. The floral Mandala is so pretty.

    1. Only my youngest son lives with me now, and he doesn't like tomatoes, so I get them all! I like the coneflower too, it seems odd to have some so different from others.

  3. I wondered whether there was a pun intended when you said you ate the tomato in one sitting, and are a woman of the tomato is shaped like a derriere. Regarding your comment on my oreganos, I nearly had a faint when I found yesterday, what I thought were two newly available ornamental ones only to realise that the nursery was in Canada: Digging Dog Nursery. I'm sure they will be sold in the UK in the not too distant future.

    1. Oh, I wish I'd thought of that! Dittany of Crete is a really pretty ornamental oregano. My others are culinary. Greek Mountain, Hot & Spicy, an unknown that is a bit different from Greek Mountain, and Zaatar, or Syrian. Oh, and purple oregano, or wild marjoram. I grew the Zaatar and purple oregano from seed this past winter.

  4. the stems of the kalette are pretty!

    1. They are! I didn't expect them to produce, but was leaving them because they are pretty. The leaves on the purple one especially. The green leaved one has purple stems, but not as dark.


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