Two New Pieces of Art & Two Old Ones Too

Two new pieces of art have found their way into my home, via 

It's certainly not as inexpensive as the stores themselves, but
I'm still not shopping in person.

The first is a watercolor by Reita Jones.
She is/was an artist in the Oklahoma City, OK area quite active
in the watercolor society of the Southwest in the 60s, 70s, and at least the early 80s, which is the last reference I find of her online.  

(Terrible photos due to my not knowing how to photograph through glass!)

 The splattering of the paint sets it apart from the usual watercolor.

 This notation is on the back of the frame, which misspells "Reita" as "Rita."

The artist may have come from Oklahoma, but I like to think the painting is of a river closer to home! The rocks and the evergreen trees look more PNW to me, but I don't know Oklahoma.  Maybe it's teeming with firs and pines and cedars!


This next one is a vegetable still life for my kitchen.  It was listed as a print, but out of the frame (to get rid of that glass glare and reflection!) it appears to be a pastel.  It needs re-framing to give it a mat.
By Del in 1962.  

The colors are actually much brighter than these photos make them look. 

I particularly like the radishes and acorn squash.

 My kitchen walls are yellow (the color is called Whimsical Fairy Lily) and I think this will look nice.
Hopefully I can find some more brightly colored vegetable or fruit still life artwork.

I was cleaning some glass items (to make them shine) and thought this stained glass was especially pretty.  It was done by my oldest son many years ago in high school.  

I made one too, in all blues, because blue's my favorite!
The effect is better with multiple colors and textures though.
It was our first, and last attempt at leading stained glass, and resulted in more than one cut.
In fact, my daughter, then around four, drew an illustration of the process, including bleeding hands!
It was part of the display board for the school's Share Faire.


  1. Very nice artwork and stained glass. Love your header flower arrangement too!

    1. Thank you. An "assignment" in a garden activity book was to make a mandala from garden materials. I supposed it really should be called a circle pattern or something like that, since a mandala has religious symbolic meaning. And mine's just a pretty pattern.

  2. Thanks for these photos for Ruby Tuesday Too. Radishes! Yes!

    1. Yes! Radishes! I'm not a big fan of them, but they are pretty, and I've grown them just for the flowers to draw pollinators.

  3. Those are some good finds. And the stained glass is nice, too.

    1. I'm not so keen on the vegetable one now that I've tried hanging it. It's kind of big for the intended wall.


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