Friday Finds - more art!

I suppose it's only once one is out of wall space there's no more room for new art, but I'm not there yet!

These are my latest finds, online sources still.  I did add up my online art purchases and divide the total by eight, the number of months I haven't set foot in a thrift store, and I do believe I've spent less than I would have in person!  That makes me feel better.  It doesn't make me feel better realizing I haven't been in a thrift store in eight months!*

These first two are Francy Kling Blumhagen prints, Fisherman and Rise.  The images are also available as handmade notecards, no two the same.  These were framed at the artist's business, Salmonberry Studio in Washington State.

I got a great deal on these, sold as a pair, and originally was going to resell them.  But, they're quite nice and I already hung them in the hall, which is becoming "The Art Hall" to differentiate it from nothing, as I only have one hall. 


You can't tell in the photo above that the backgrounds are actually golden.  I took them out into the sun to get these next shots.  That's why there's a bright glare on Rise!

Now, these next two will be either "I love them" or "I hate them."  
Either "Nice find" or "Are you crazy?"
I don't believe there will be any in between with these!

Jay Kyle Petersen's still life paintings of fruit from 1989 when he was in art school.
I love them and am going to frame them in simple black to hang on my kitchen wall.

Jay Kyle Petersen is currently a painter (and more) in Arizona.  He is the subject of this documentary, which tells the amazing story of his art, as well as his life and how he got to where he is today. 


"Pear, Orange, Two Apples"

I have a plein air landscape on a delivery truck as I type.   I'll share that this weekend.
*Eight months?  Nearly, because my last thrift store visit was in early March.  Even before anything shut down, or anyone wore masks, we still knew to avoid coughers.  The cashier at the thrift store turned from me and coughed, blew his nose,then apologized.  No hand sanitizer or gloves then either.  I knew enough to think, "I hope he doesn't have that virus!  I am never going back to a thrift store until it's over!"  Eight months later...  here I am still waiting.  But, not sick.


  1. I like the fish print, because (I think - I am not that much into art history or knowledge) I can see some influence of Pacific Northwest Native American art examples I have seen (and love). Not a fan of the still life but as they say, "each to their own".

    1. It's likely, the artist is from the Pacific Northwest. My youngest son says the still lifes are the most interesting art pieces I've bought so far! He also approved of these prints! We don't often agree. My hall, my art...

  2. I really like the gold fish! Anything with gold leaf or sparkly stuff, yes please. The still life, no. I am very much looking forward to the landscape though! Landscapes are my favorite, although arty people sneer, sometimes.

  3. Nice finds. I like the gold backgrounds.

    1. I couldn't tell they were gold until I got them, it doesn't show up in indoor photos.


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