Nothin' But Pink

On this "Anything Goes" Pink Saturday, I've got pinks!

The cosmos are happier than they've ever been, loving the warm days and cool nights of early autumn.

Hover Flies are done caring about the coneflowers with so many cosmos around!

Candy Stripe cosmos are my favorite cosmos, they hold their color (unlike Sensation, which for me fades to an unattractive chalky look, with large ugly plants) and each flower is a bit different from its neighbor, even on the same plant.  Not all are even striped.  The orange here are sulfur cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus, mimicking its family member coreopsis.

Cosmos must be one of the easiest annuals to grow, just toss the seeds on the ground.

Not all the pinks are cosmos though.  Here's bachelor buttons.  I've never had them blooming this late in the year.  Most of the other colors from the mixed seeds are through (a few blue left).  I planned to order more of this mix from the same seller, but, alas, he isn't selling this year.  Of course not...

I have never been a big pink fan, even as a child, but in the garden I like pink fine.  Especially now when most everything else is golden yellow (coreopsis, calendula, yarrow, black-eyed Susans).


  1. Ha ha, I've tossed hundreds of Cosmos seeds on the ground and managed to grow maybe 10 plants of a rather stunted appearance. I don't know what it is, I love them too. I will try your winter sowing technique this year! Funny , though, the sulphureus grow and reseed just fine. Gardening mysteries. Your garden looks like springtime!

    1. Some of the plants are still blooming like it is springtime! Today is the first morning that really feels "wintery" even though it's early fall. My cosmos are all in raised beds, so they have better soil than the ground. I plant very little in the ground. That clay...


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