Our World Tuesday - Another Covered Bridge

 On Our World Tuesday I'm sharing another Oregon covered bridge.  In case you missed it, the first is here...



I love visiting covered bridges!  I never knew they existed outside the eastern states until well into my adulthood.  Oregon happens to have the most covered bridges of any western state, the exact number is unknown (due to condition or what constitutes "covered"), but at least 54.

Grave Creek Bridge 

Built in 1920, Grave Creek Bridge was originally part of U.S. Route 99, the Pacific Highway.  It is 105' long, with six Gothic style windows on each side.  Built in 1920, it cost a total, including engineering costs, of $21,128. That's over $287,000 in today's dollars.

Grave Creek Bridge holds the title of "Oregon's most viewed covered bridge," only for the reason it can be seen while driving Interstate 5!  But, once you see it, you've past the exit to visit it, so I hardly think that counts.  Seeing its roof 1/4 mile away as you race your way north is not what I call "viewing."

To get more than a fleeting view exit at Sunny Valley from I-5 northbound.  
So far, this has been my favorite bridge to visit.  One, it is a bridge you can drive across (some are either closed entirely or used as pedestrian crossings only).  Two, it's located in a quiet spot, so you can park and walk inside without interfering with traffic.  In fact, I don't think I saw another vehicle.

 The location is also a Josephine County historical site.  The Grave Creek Ranch (1851-1918) became an overland stage stop in 1860.  After a hotel there burnt down in 1875, a farmhouse was enlarged for use by the stage company.  President and Mrs. Rutherford Hayes stayed in September of 1880.

 Grave Creek Ranch Historical Marker


  1. I also did not know there are covered bridges on the west coast. I think the last time I was through Oregon, sadly I was on the 5. It's been ages since I've been up there.

  2. Did you go to the one in Wimer? The drive down E. Evans Creek Rd. is very scenic. I used to live 19 miles out of Rogue River off of E. Evans Creek. The bridge collapsed in 2003 but they rebuilt it 5 years later.

  3. I think I mentioned last time that I didn't know there were covered bridges out in Oregon, either.I don't seek out covered bridges but I certainly would visit one if near my path, and this is a nice one for sure. I've visited several over the years in Pennsylvania and elsewhere on the East Coast. What I do like is walking across bridges (and I've done city to city, NYC borough to NYC borough and even walked across a NY bridge to Canada, back before 9/11 for the last one). My last visit to Oregon? 1979. Way past time to return.

    1. I will NOT walk across any bridges like those! I try NOT to have to drive across bridges like those! I have a fear of bridges (not little ones like these) and dams. Stems from childhood, when there seemed to be too many dams on family vacations, and my mother would say (after we walked to the middle of them) "Look down, Lisa! Look down!" Also, picnics and Sunday drives to the Sunol Water Temple. When water is rushing around down inside that thing... The things parents can do to mess up a child! I have nightmares I have missed the last exit before a large bridge, and of course, bridges in dreams always have gaps showing how far down the water is! Let me know if you come to Southern Oregon!

  4. interesting to know history of covered bridge...
    great shots


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