Shadow Shot Sunday - Antelope Valley Bridge

Shadow Shot Sunday

Another covered bridge with dark mysterious shadows.

Antelope Valley Bridge wasn't built on this spot in Eagle Point, OR.  It originally crossed Antelope Creek ten miles from its current location, but when a new bridge was built it was moved, and now crosses Little Butte Creek.  At that time arched openings were cut in the sides to allow supervision of school children crossing, as it was, and still is, used as a pedestrian bridge.  The alterations caused the bridge to lose its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, so they were closed back up according to the original design.  I think I must be a covered bridge purist, as I don't see it as "authentic," since it was taken down and reassembled somewhere else! 

The bridge has ribbon openings under the eaves.  

It also features cantilevered buttresses.  I write that as though I know what it means, and while I do know what cantilevered and buttresses mean in the context of construction, I'm pretty sure I couldn't point it out here!

  Have a lovely Sunday.  Help make it lovely for others by wearing those masks!   And, Americans, don't forget to vote!


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