The Pink Barn - a watercolor

 Okay, I made that name up, it was sold as a "Pink House Landscape Watercolor," but turns out it's a barn.  I loved the silo, not the type I'm familiar with, but I don't know much about silos!  

I got this watercolor from the online Goodwill shop ( from Colorado.  So, it shouldn't come as a surprise it's by a Colorado based artist, Donald G. Glasgow.  He is quite well known for his pottery, decorated with his watercolors and then glazed. 

First, my apologies for the terrible photos.  I have not yet discovered a location to take pictures that don't reflect on the glass.  The black square in the first and second photo is my phone!

Donald G. Glasgow also uses the signature Don Glasglow or D. Glasglow.  He was an art teacher for many years, and while known for his pottery, "his first love has always been realistic, transparent watercolor."  That quote is off the back of the adult coloring books he authored.  NO!  Not adult like "adult adult!"  Adult in not easy for kids pictures to color!

I am not a collector of barn paintings, so no one get that idea please!  In fact, I usually find them a bit to homey and country-cute.  This one though, something about the pink, and that unusual silo.  I thought it might be an actual place.

There's my camera again, the white case edge showing! 

This artwork was quite a bargain, and since the signature is not where most would expect, it's in the grass by the barn, it was sold as unsigned, but in a very nice professional frame.

Pink Barn = "Anything Goes" Pink Saturday!



  1. I've never seen a silo like that, not that I have traveled everywhere in the United States. Your post led me to do a search for silos online, though, and I found that the Australian state of Victoria has two silo art trails, featuring art painted on silos. Not what you have, but its interesting where research leads you. But I did find a possible answer to the question about this style of silo, and it makes sense. As you fill the silo, you can plug the holes up to where the grain is. The remaining holes provide ventilation. Who knew! (I didn't)

    1. Thank you for that information, it's more than I knew about silos! I wondered why it had "windows." And an open top, I assumed silos always had roofs, but there's another thing I learned about silos!

  2. interesting architecture... love the barn color.

    1. Yes, the fact that it wasn't a traditional red barn is partially why I like it.


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