Throw Back Thursday Halloween Style

 I didn't decorate for Halloween this year in order to discourage kids from trick-or-treating at my door. A decorated house is an invitation for something I don't think is wise in these COVID-19 days.  Plus, this is the my state's official statement on the issue, and I trust them, the doctors, the researchers, and the scientists, far more than he who says "I know more about (fill in the blank with any absurd choice shown at the bottom) than anybody."

"Oregon Health Authority is recommending that Oregonians avoid traditional door-to-door trick or treating and “Trunk or Treat” events..."

So, here's some fun from Halloweens past!

This is a family classic!  This giant walking carrot at a Fall Fest in town was so frightening to my youngest I'm not sure he ever got over the fear of costumed characters!  Poor "Mr. Carrot" looks so ashamed of himself.   (This son was a bald little fella, his sister always said he looked like a troll baby!)               

At the same Fall Fest event my daughter had fun posing with Data!  I love how the pumpkin added to hide her face looks like a mask she's holding up. 

As they say on the Fourth of July, be "Safe and Sane. " Please be "Safe and Sane" this Halloween!  It's both safe and sane to wear those masks, keep your distance, and don't take candy from strangers!

(In the U.S. you can put "safe and sane" into practice, and into office, by voting wisely next week!  Or earlier if you're allowed.  I already have.)  


Absurd Choices from Actual Quotes.

TV ratings, campaign finance, ISIS, social media, courts, lawsuits, politicians, the visa system, trade,  the U.S. government, renewable energy, taxes, debt, money, infrastructure, Senator Cory Booker, borders, construction, the economy, technology, drones, drone technology, wind, windmills and their study,  renewables, banking, Wall Street bankers, jobs, the military, offense and defense, the horror of nuclear, consultants,"these people," comprehension, environmental impact statements, the environment, polls, contributions, "the game," power of  Facebook, devaluation, "the system," nuclear weapons, golf, Turkey and the Kurds, "the subject," Scranton, H-1B, H-2B, the Press, healthcare, angles, steelworkers, and even, "... more than I'm ever gonna tell you."



  1. We don't usually get trick-or-treaters in my condo complex, so it's not likely to be an issue for us. I know they're discouraging it this year here, too, but I wouldn't put it past some to try. (Adults. I'm sure if the adults in the kiddos' lives said no, they wouldn't go.)

  2. Alas for the children, but I totally agree, door to door is not safe. Our town (New York State) cancelled two trunk or treat events the county was going to hold in parks, too. There are some private ones but even that has a risk. At least one local town has an 8pm curfew tomorrow night. We didn't decorate and won't have our porch light on. I truly hope no one comes. We normally get enough children to use at least 3 bags of candy. I bought some anyway - for me.


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