A Dusting of Snow

 Woke up Sunday to a light dusting of snow.  This is only my ninth winter here, but I haven't had even a dusting this early in the season before.  All my snow photos are from January, February, and even early March one year. The forecast calls for "frozen mix" a few nights next week, a mix of rain and snow. I sure hope it isn't ushering in an extra cold winter.  Last year the electric company representative told me to expect a "harsh" winter, and it was mild.  Maybe this will make up for it.  At least I have nowhere to go!  

My son asked, "Are you sure it isn't just frost?"  Yes, I made sure, I went right outside and checked.

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan seed pod



Dainty prints of Baby Cat (who turned right around and sat at the door in a cold huff of cat.
And not dainty prints of Boo, who loves the cold, the wet, the snow, and just plain life.

Glass ball in the herb bed

 I don't notice the spider webs until they're coated in snow!

Nothing to do with snow, but it counts because I use it cook produce from my garden, I'm quite pleased to have a "new to me" range!  The old one came with the house, two burners didn't work, and the top got so hot, really, really hot, when I used the oven it would burn me if I touched it.  Not safe! 

Keep warm and keep safe.  Keep wearing those masks.  I barely go out, just half the grocery shopping (cut the list in half and share with my son, it makes it quicker) sometimes, which I am now quitting, but we needed a new cord (old house - 3 prong outlet) so the ONE time I go anywhere else I run into a rude unmasked couple!  The man actually called me a "sheep" when I said something to the employee about mask wearing mandates! He and the woman he was with are the problem, and why Oregon, just a few days ago, went on a two week "pause" where some things shut down again.  It's not that big a thing to wear a mask.  It's public health, not politics. 


  1. Congrats on the stove! I didn't have the snow at my house, microclimates are funny. Oh my the maskless couple! They're going to a big thanksgiving get together too, I'm sure! Belligerent stupidity. Those pictures are so pretty. Makes a person feel better about the clammy grayness.

    1. I was SO stupid about the cord, I completely forgot Grover's is right down the street! My son thought I'd just decided to go elsewhere so didn't say anything.

  2. I don't understand how some people can make light of this. Wear a mask. We have a mask mandate, and we're still shutting things down again due to the high number of cases.

    1. I don't understand why stores don't follow their own guidelines, even if it isn't mandated by the state. I have a relative with a medical procedure scheduled in CA in a few weeks, she's holding her breath it isn't postponed.


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