Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too - November 2, 2020

 I would have argued I'd posted this paint-by-number I found at a Goodwill last autumn before, but I can't find it.  That doesn't mean it's not here,it means I might have neglected to label it.  Apologies if you've seen it before.

It's autumn again, so the subject is current once more!  And, not only current, but with shades of blues and reds, it's one to share for 

Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too

I haven't found which kit this was, but the same image was available (still is on eBay) as a needlepoint by Sunset called "Brilliance in Fall."  It was designed by artist Kirk Randle, who also designed some paint-by-numbers for Dimensions by Paint Works.  I just can't find this one!  The Internet is usually more helpful!

It's hard to find paint-by-numbers out in the wild, they are quite collectible these days.  

Did you ever do any paint-by-numbers? 
I did quite a few as a girl, all of them horses! 

 I didn't know it until a few years ago, but growing up we had an abstract still life on the kitchen wall.  My mother painted it from the very first paint-by-number designed, Abstract No.1!  It wasn't the first kit sold, the company owner hated it, but it was first one "invented" by Dan Robbins, and once paint-by-numbers caught on it was released.  I don't know when it disappeared from the wall, but it was not to be found anywhere when I cleared out the house for sale.

*****It's Monday, America!  Tomorrow's a BIG day!*****
Get out and vote if you can today.  If you live in a state with mail in voting and have the option of doing it in person, or dropping off your ballot in person, look into that.  There's the possibility ballots postmarked in time (legal in many states) but delivered after Tuesday will be challenged in some states.  

Attempts to change election laws during an election is just not fair play.

image public domain from a Microsoft Bing search



  1. That is beautiful! (and the badge is funny! I haven't been following your election so I'm not sure what that exactly refers to but it still made me laugh)

    1. Before Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court he was testifying before the Senate, and cried. It wasn't actually while she was questioning him, but she was pretty hard on him! She was a prosecutor in San Francisco, so is not intimidated by men like him! He also raged, his face terribly contorted in anger. He wasn't crying in happiness, it was during questioning while he referred to his "calendars," supposedly kept since 1982. Now, I don't know about you, but I can't believe a college "frat boy" kept a journal/planner/calendar, let alone saved it for nearly 40 years just in case he needed an alibi! They were questioning him over a charge of rape that allegedly (I need to put "allegedly," right?) took place when he was in college.

  2. I remember paint by numbers from back in the day, but I never had any. I love that button.

    1. When I was in elementary school the kits were popular gifts for girls' birthday parties, especially the horse ones! Isn't that button amazing? Alas, I don't have one...

  3. Thanks Lisa .. I do remember paint by numbers and it was fun to be reminded. But my deepest thanks are for sharing your belief in what our country should be. I am crossing all my fingers for a god outcome tomorrow, I don't think our country can survive another four years of this travesty we have now. .... we also live in Oregon so no problem voting.

    1. I did see in a post you are in the Willamette Valley. Oregon does require ballots be in by 8:00pm tomorrow though, we don't go by postmark. We have lots of drop boxes around here though, and there's usually a line of cars at the one in front of the election office in Medford, where you just drive up. By mail is so convenient. Yes, more people will vote, and that's a good thing!

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah, he was really something, wasn't he? Such unstable emotions.


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