Blue Monday & Ruby Tuesday Too - November 30, 2020

Another shot taken in Villa Pesquera, Isabela, PR.

 The people of PR aren't afraid to use a bit of color in their surroundings.  It's not unusual for houses to be painted bright colors too.  It's cheerful and beautiful.


  1. I do love a good colorful house. Of course, color can go wildly wrong. There was a house nearby that was GREEN. Very bright. Very loud. Ugly. But bold.

    1. Mine is a yellow called Butter Up, which is quite bright, although not like a lemon color! The front door is a bright blue, near to cobalt. There was a bright green in PR, but it fit right in with the green jungle-y growth around it.

  2. If we ever get Covid-19 suppressed, I'd love to travel to Puerto Rico!


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