Farmers Market Trip

I went to the local farmers market this morning, called a "growers and crafters" market, and today there were  more crafters than growers by far.  

I had been hesitating since I don't like to go out in public, but I had expiring coupons and didn't want to waste $24 worth of fresh food!  It wasn't busy, and everyone had masks of course. 

Sorry, Boo... nothing for you this trip!
Lovely apples.  I told the woman my favorite grocery store apple was Honey Crisp, so she 
recommended these.  Of course, the instant I walked away I forgot what they were, other than "sweet and crisp."  I think maybe Mutsu?  
Then some nice red potatoes.

Red D'Anjou pears and a Bartlett...

A beautiful basket of mixed cherry tomatoes.  I've never had one that white. 'Snow White?'








Then two bagged items, walnuts and a salad mix.  They had a "spicy" salad mix, the "spicy" from arugula, but I opted for regular, ordinary, dull, non-spicy salad!


I was thrilled I could use my coupon on fresh nuts, I love nuts!  A family member who does not like them said that they were not just nuts, but nuts in a bag, and worse yet, nuts in a bag, "homemade!"  Yes, homemade nuts in a bag.  

Do you shop at a local farmers market?  I know some communities have them year 'round (mine ends). I remember when I was a young teen and most towns all over Europe had daily markets. 


  1. I think farmers markets are safer as they are outdoors. I used to sell my crafts at a local farmers market (we have tons in the area), but I have since stopped going. Maybe one day I'll return.

    1. They probably are, I just hesitated to go because the last time I was there it was jam-packed wall to wall people! It's almost the end of the season now, which might account for it too. Not as much demand for broccoli and pears as for peaches and tomatoes!


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