First Heavy Frost Last Night - Nov. 2020

Random garden shots of frost (and an outlier) from this morning.  Last night was the coldest yet this season, and it got the last cosmos.  The flowers were hanging like bells!   Being as I got the photos in place and looking "normal" I am leaving them.  The "new" Blogger is not user friendly, at least for me, when adjusting photos.  And they no longer have an easy HTML view where even I can edit those extra blank lines! 

Therefore, from the top... baptisia, blanketflower, knautia, calendula, lupine, CA poppy, 'Hot & Spicy' oregano, penstemon, 'Angelina' sedum, cosmos, and the wall at the McDonald's drive-thru!  The spots are the frost.  


  1. Those images are great. I'm sad for them, but they're stunning images.

    New Blogger does have an HTML view. Click on the pencil in the upper left hand corner and turn it into < >. It's more compact than before, but at least you can go in and tweak a few things. I know when I try to center things, it sometimes won't, and I can fix that there.

    1. Yeah, there's the HTML view, but it's not the same set-up as before, where I could see where to delete lines that would remove the extra spaces in my post. Adding images and working with existing text, or the other way around, often upsets the formatting I've already set. It does what it wants now, but I've looked at other places and they are hard to even set up at all. Things take more steps now, too.


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