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Sather Tower, or "The Campanile," is a 307' bell tower on the University of California, Berkeley campus.  It's the third tallest bell tower in the world!  The original bells were installed in 1917.  More bells have been added over the decades; the last in 1983, and it now houses 61.

The tower itself has seven floors and an 8th observation floor.  Unfortunately, the tower is closed to visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some photos taken when it was open.  


On a clear day the views incredible.  This was not taken on a clear day!

UC is quite a place to visit.  We just have to be patient, we'll be able to freely travel sooner 
if we just follow the guidelines.
Right now, today, get out and 


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    1. It really is quite a stunning view, inside and out.

  2. Fantastic. I will have to start compiling a West Coast bucket list. We were planning to travel out to the west coast (we live in New York State), my husband and I, once I retired. But bad timing - I retired in April. Hoping for the future....

    1. Eventually we'll be back to normal. Hopefully in a few hours we'll be on our way to normality!

  3. An eye opener, Lisa! Many bells at one place as opposed to the ubiquitous church bells one finds around! Certainly a feature not readily seen elsewhere. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting.


    1. All I know about church tower bells I learned from reading British mysteries! The Nine Tailors comes to mind.


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