Wintersowing Works! - update late Februrary 2021

This is my fourth year wintersowing.  The first year I doubted it, but now I'm a convert!  Last year I even tried tomatoes, which I strongly doubted, and they worked too!  Remember, the seeds know when to grow.  Here's what's germinated so far.

From upper left clockwise:

candytuft dwarf "fairy" mix, baby's breath "Covent Garden," blanketflower, bachelor button (tall blue)

"Robinson's Red" chysanythemum, bronze fennel (although the inner number is for marigolds, I think it's fennel), plains coreopsis, malva "Zebrina"

rocket larkspur, marigolds, NOT what it's supposed to be (#29 is supposed to be firecracker penstemon, but I'm pretty sure these are purple tansy, although just a few), bright pink phlox

strawflowers, pink aster, purple tansy, garden thyme

Purple tansy is always a show-off, germinating first and ready for transplant long before the others.  The pink aster is a shock.  I had one pink aster with two flowers in the Pollinator Garden, grown from some sort of Dollar Store seed mix.  I saved the seeds from one, and look at how many germinated!  I expected zero. 

wormwood, scabiosa mix, bachelor buttons "Classic Magic, dill "Long Island Mammoth

zataar (not the taller weed), aster (single mix), bachelor button "Ultraviolet

It's not too late to start, especially if you live where you're still snowy. If your warmer, like my zone 8b, I'd go for the more tender annuals, which I will start next week.   Cosmos, zinnias, etc.  I still have freezing temperatures over night, but the seeds will wait.  They will... trust me!  
(If any photos are upside down, or repeated and I missed it, sorry.  My electricity went out while I was putting them together in Adobe Spark and it runs SO SLOW on my computer, so I might not have been as careful as I could have been.)


  1. It won't be this year (I have to admit, I don't have too much ambition right now) but maybe you have planted a seed for me next winter....

  2. Yay for your successes. Sorry about your power outage.


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