Almost Ready for Tomorrow!

Tomorrow's a BIG DAY for me!  In case you missed my announcement a few days ago, I am getting delivery of 3 YARDS OF SOIL tomorrow at 8:00am!  "Organic Base Blend," which is 25% each of screen soil, organic compost, dairy manure, and perlite.   I hear that dairy manure is much preferable to steer manure, which is what is in the bags from the garden centers.  Actually, I can't even find that, I find "manure blend."  Blended with what, and how much of that is even manure?  

Anyway, my soil come tomorrow.  I haven't had a delivery of soil (unless you count some big bags of potting soil from Home Depot) since 2012, when I got my original 4 yards.  Oh, I've bought plenty of bags of soil and compost, and added chopped leaves and grass, just no big deliveries.  So, this is exciting!  Yes, exciting!  It's a gardener thing, bulk soil is exciting!

I am almost ready.  If it doesn't rain today (I held off delivery until tomorrow, because today is supposed to rain, Friday and the weekend will be nice) I'll get the last bed ready.

The bed by the back fence has been ready for a while.  I fine-tuned the back.  As you see, I didn't have enough free Craigslist retaining wall blocks to do the back, but once it's full of soil and plants it won't show.  The Draper blueberry will be planted there, and I'm getting another blueberry later today.

Both sides of that bed have these smaller beds.  You may have seen them built with round-topped edging stones sitting upright, but I changed my mind.  I have some seeds for this area, things that will use the chain link I hope. (Free Craigslist edging pieces here too.)

My not quite done "Knot" Garden bed.  I did put down cardboard, then decided to just dig it out instead.  That will give the plants a deeper start with nice soil.  It should be ready by tomorrow, if I get out there before it starts raining.  

UPDATE!  I'm done!

This bed has been waiting for soil since late November 2019!  Hey!  Soil's expensive, and this bed is 3' x 8'!  Built with free Craigslist retaining wall blocks of course!  It was going to be the Strawberry Bed, but I changed my mind.  One, I thought I wouldn't be able to find bare-root strawberries this late in the season (locally they seem to be all out), so was going to put the raspberries here.  Then, I realized strawberries do not need this depth, they can do with just 6".  Besides, this is near the fence, easy to add on some sort of supports. 

But, I was able to find bare-root strawberries, online, in state!  Yes, the lower right corner is wonky.  Oh, well...   The bed will be filled and ready by the time my 20 Albion bare-root strawberries get here!  Albion are day-neutral.  Day-neutral strawberries produce a bit differently from either June-bearers or ever-bearers.  June-bearers produce for just short 3 weeks or so in early summer.  Ever-bearing strawberries usually have a smaller crop than June-bearers, but twice a season, early summer and late summer.  On the other hand, day-neutral strawberries, as their name suggests, don't care if the days are long or short, they produce as long as the temperature is between 40 and 90 degrees.  Now, we can only hope I can keep the pill bugs away.  Last time I had strawberries I'd find them curled up asleep inside a hole they'd chewed during the night.  In just ready to pick strawberries!

So, I know what I'll be doing tomorrow, and all the rest of the weekend, plus!  Last time I wrote on this blog I mentioned taking a break after 15 trips with the garden cart.  I wonder if I can still do that?  I do have a strong son to help.  He's cheap too, I pay him in Dutch Bros!


  1. My back aches (badly) just thinking of this. In fact, it's been acting up the last week. It's good to have a strong son (I do, also). Also, I had to look up Dutch Bros. I never would have guessed coffee.

    1. My arm is already tired digging up the grass! I have another son (and a daughter), but he lives back closer to you in Rhode Island. Growing up he had allergies and "got out of" mowing the lawn, so I don't know if he could help even if he were here! Hey, Dutch Bros is "our" thing! I can't drink them, they literally make my guts rebel, every time!

  2. It does sound exciting. Have fun.

  3. I like the way you keep changing your mind and plans. I'm the same way - plan as I go.

    Today is the day! Hope when you read this your dirt has arrived and all is fine (except for sore muscles, that is normal). Yes, I get just as excited when I have a load of manure arrive. Dancing around like a crazy woman. Only another gardener can understand.


    1. You have to see what those beds look like to know if you want them that way! At least changing my mind only inconveniences me, I'm not asking anyone else to rearrange things. They might not understand! The soil isn't here yet. I have to get the car out of the driveway so they can dump it there. Manure is nice. I ask for things like that for Christmas and birthdays!


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