Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day March 2021

Spring is here!  It's here on the calendar this week, and it's here in the garden now!  Right in time for Carol's monthly event,

 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

It wasn't until weeks after Feb. 15 I realized I'd missed Bloom Day February.  Once I figured out what day Feb. 15th was I understood and forgave myself.  It was the day I had to have Boo euthanized. The garden is empty without him just being out there, not necessarily doing anything.  

March is much better than February for blooms anyway.  Most of the photos were taken yesterday, before it started raining, because I knew it was going to start raining.  There are vinca flowers in the front yard, but I didn't get their pretty purple picture.


right: Rip Van Winkle  left: Ice Follies below center: Tete-aTete

A mixed container of Ice Follies daffodils, anemone blanda, and several kinds of crocus.


 in a container on my deck.  A former co-worker's son grew it from a pit.

 One of the $1 I bought either last year or the year before at Walmart.  I really have the "which spring I did what or not" mixed up.  It's like there was never anything to the year after early March.  I traveled to Portland then, and after that didn't leave the house for months (other than yard and walks and driving to the store, no shopping myself).  Anyway, there's a hyacinth.


Same confusion for this another Walmart $1.  The new part of the bulbs are blooming creamy colored.  That's wild basil behind it, not a basil at all, but a lovely hardy perennial with lovely purple flowers.  These are in the herb garden.  Those tulips are some of the ones I won.


Transplanted from the front yard a few years ago, these are also in the herb garden.


In the herb garden once again. By the time the herbs have grown back from dormancy the bulbs will be gone.



Several of the calendulas have started blooming, or never stopped, but they were closed yesterday because of the clouds.



It was closed yesterday, but here's what it looked like Saturday.

Still pretty closed up.

So, it looks as though spring is actually going to get here!  The nights this week are still expected to be below freezing though.  Tomorrow night might be under 30 degrees F.  
Happy Gardening!
Happy First Day of Spring later this week!


  1. Your garden is lovely and those daffodils and hyacinths do scream, "Spring is here!"

    1. They do, they are so bright and cheerful.

  2. So many pretty spring flowers! I love your quince, it looks very like the one I have by the back door. All those lovely flowers must make you feel very happy!

    1. They are very cheering, especially in the sun.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your wonderful Boo, Lisa. That isn't easy and it's no wonder that February's Bloom Day passed by without notice. I hope your garden is drawing you in and providing solace. Spring has certainly arrived. I love all the Hyacinths that are impossible to grow in my own climate. Quince, another thing I don't grow due to my alkaline soil, always sings of spring when I see it. Happy GBBD and best wishes.

    1. Thank you. The garden needs a lot more time than earlier in the year, so I do keep busy. If you have a Walmart (and nearly everyone does!), you could get the hyacinths for $1 and treat them as annuals.

  4. I am enjoying all your beautiful blooms and I am so glad your garden has faired well despite the cold and snow. Your Redbud is outstanding! sorry to hear of your loss Lisa. Your spring blooms are so pretty and I love your assortment of Daffodils with hyacinth, plum and Quince. Due to a harsh February, we are running a little behind, but the foliage of spring bulbs is appearing with blooms on the way, while the Hellebores hold down the fort!

    1. Hellebores are something I've never grown, or considered. I see so many of the bloggers have them on Bloom Days.

  5. I remember reading your post about Boo leaving your life and...I wouldn't have been thinking of my garden, either. Your post makes me itch even more for spring. I've never tried bulbs in pots - it's an idea - that Rip Van Winkle would be perfect!

    1. It would, it's small. I wish so many of them wouldn't stare at the ground though!

  6. Pretty flowers. Sometimes days just have enough in them without certain blog events. We understand.

  7. Nice blooms and it is great to discover another PNW blog.

    1. Thank you. I don't consider myself part of the PNW, we don't get the rain! It sure keeps it green up in Portland/Vancouver. One of my children lives up there.

  8. The spring garden is always lovely . I love the borage blooms,It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to gardening here

  9. I like your close-up of the grape hyacinth muscari. They are hard to photograph. Calendula blooming at this time of year? Unheard of here until at least beginning of summer but then the heat sets and which they don't like.


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