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 Still no in-person thrifting for me, and it's actually the one thing I miss.  Never mind movies (haven't been in years, most don't even interest me) or dining out indoors (rarely did it anyway), it's the thrift stores and garage sales I miss!  

This is the Santuario Madonna della Corona (Santcutary of the Lady of the Crown), which was built into the cliff of Mount Baldo in Italy.  It was first built in 1530, but due to normal aging was rebuilt in the 70s. 

The painting of the structure itself is not detailed, and I believe the focus may have been on the cliff face, and the background hills in fog.  That is what sold me on the painting, that fog.

It isn't signed, but there is a name in ink on the back of the stretcher bars, Sarah Boatwright, and 2-4.  I may be reading into this, but Boatwright seems to have been added later (Sarah is traced over), so I'm thinking this may have been done in a class, where the canvases were left. 

The above was going to be my last (until in-person), but I noticed a watercolor by an artist that painted another I already own.  How could I resist?  It's why I have notifications set for certain artists on

Don Hiberly watercolor, sold as "Lake Union."  Lake Union is in Washington State, where Don Hiberly attended College of Puget Sound in 1955 and 1956 (according to online copies of the school newspaper).  He later is mentioned as exhibiting at a Washington library.  

Excuse the poor quality photo, I have yet to figure out how to take decent ones where glass or plastic is involved!  This is matted, and shrink wrapped in plastic film.  It seems to me that someone either told Goodwill this was Lake Union, or someone recognizes the scene, because nowhere does it identify the location.  

I really like the artists reflections.

My other Hiberly was purchased in July from the same Seattle Goodwill online.  Again, they had a name for it, "Along the Water," while there is nothing on it showing that.  Someone knows/knew the artist?   I was taken by the reflections in it too, and held off for a long time before giving in and buying it, for little.  I thought "Lake Union" was going to be similar, but brighter.  Not at all!  "Along the Water" looks faded (the paper is discolored where the mat was), and next to "Lake Union," not really as impressive!   The signature is only D. Hiberly, so I was able to find out more once I knew it was Don.

So, two more along the lines of what I seem to be "collecting," missions/churches/cathedrals and boats/boathouses/docks scenes!  It's not something I'm consciously doing, it just turns out that way!


  1. Looks like some good finds. Hopefully you'll be back to thrifting in person sooner rather than later.

    1. I get tempted when I drive by St. Vincent de Paul (very close to me), but the parking lot is always as full as it used to be, which is very full. They are only open a very few hours per week. Probably because their volunteers are not willing to come in right now, most of them are quite elderly.

  2. There are so many activities I'd like to resume. I used to look for art occasionally at our First Fridays in Binghamton, NY (first Friday of each month) but they have been cancelled for the past year. I have the same problem with reflective material. I've seen advise to take the piece outdoors on a cloudy day but haven't tried it myself.

    1. We had a monthly art walk thing too. I never went to it! I rarely went to the farmers' market either. Now I want to do both more. I guess a cloudy day would work, if it were totally overcast, otherwise we'd get nice reflections of clouds!

  3. A major score, esp. since I am a Seattle native so I appreciate that artwork even more.
    Our thrift shops were only closed down for 6 months, and Joanns fabric was considered essential, so that carried me through.


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