Rain Woes and Little Springy Things

Rain Woes:  The rain came back the other day.  I looked up the rainfall for this season, and it's actually below average.  Since my far back yard is much, much wetter than average I'll need to poke around and see if the additional water is coming from the new duplexes behind me.  They raised the elevation, and told me they put in drains when I questioned how that would work.  That land always sat under water, in fact, there was a pond where little frogs lived.  Mine did get soggy, with puddles in spots, but not like this year, a year of "below average" rain. I am not an expert, but it seems to me drains would handle the rain and runoff from gutters, but what about the water saturated into the soil?  Wouldn't that just seep downhill, my way?  I'll have to check into it, the water is up around my shed!  

Little Springy Things: 

 tulips holding rain water

borage buds - I like their stripes

snap peas are starting to emerge

 flowering quince, almost...

tulips, almost...

squill, almost...

hyacinth, almost...

 diseased Pluot, almost...


Ice Follies daffodils, almost... (they look like geese)

my new daffodil, Rip Van Winkle (I would have called it Rip Van Wrinkle)

It's clearer today, but pretty still pretty cold. 


  1. Yeah, that might become an issue with the water. Unintended consequences, I assume.

    1. I hope so, it just seems like something that would happen though.

  2. Ugh, unintended consequences, like the portable flood wall that our town was using one year on a street near us that made an already horrible flood in 2011 worse. So much for good intentions. I enjoyed all your "almost" pictures. Buds are something I've never really photographed and I should pay more attention. Right now, though, my crocuses aren't even showing buds - yet. But they are up, and it's time for a happy dance. Enjoy your near flowers!

    1. Some of my "almosts" opened this morning! I still can't get over how many photos you have on your phone! I am using my original phone since I dropped the one with more storage, and when I bought it I though I'd never need storage and got the least amount! Ha! Sort of like when I insisted I never would use a microwave oven!


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