Six on Saturday - March 27, 2021

Six on Saturday 

It's a wonderful weekend in Southern Oregon!  It's sunny and warm (will be, it's still early morning, but it was yesterday when I had the backdoor open to let in some fresh air).  I got my soil delivered (#2 below), filled one bed and started a few others, before THE BEST part of this weekend (I know it's only started, but nothing can top #1) happened!  #1 was going to be the soil, but how can soil compete with...

1 -  Mickey!

Yes!  I got a new dog!  A 5 month old Border collie x from the Rogue Valley Humane Society in Grant's Pass.   He has an eye-patch, one small black spot on his back leg, and speckle spots on both his ears.  He came named Mickey, and already knows the name, so I think I'll keep it, maybe just call him Mick.  So far he is not the "garden helper" Boo was, Mick is more like Edward was, a "step in the planters even if they are out of the way" kind of dog.  But, he's a puppy yet...


 After running around the yard, attempting to eat everything he picked up, running from us as we attempted to take everything from him, he collapsed in a nap, just like a toddler!

2 - The Previously Exciting Soil Delivery

We, my son and I, got one bed filled, and a couple underway.  No sooner had we started a break than the Humane Society called to schedule a "meet and greet," and "bring home" if it worked out.  So, no more soil has been moved.


 3 -  Metal Allium 

I had been looking for something like this online, but they all seem so expensive.  By chance I stopped at a Safeway I seldom shop at and found this metal allium for $12 and change!

4 -  "Sunshine Blue" Blueberry 

From Shooting Star Nursery in Central Point.  I also bought a golden lemon thyme, and the "Firewitch" dianthus I wasn't going to.


5 - Plants from Barb 

Isn't it nice to have someone to exchange plants with?  I think I get the best of the bargain though.

Iris Pallida (Dalmatian Iris) and Cerinthe (honeywort)

Orlaya (Minoan Lace)

6 - Teasel

A weed, or even invasive species in some places, but it sure is pretty when dry.  This teasel was growing along a small creek by the Humane Society's parking lot. The barn makes it even prettier, I think!  

There you go, my six!  I got a pile of soil to get started on.  My son and I will shifts on it while the other watches Mickey, who can't be left unattended yet.


  1. Interesting Six with your cute Mickey first. Here, the Border Collies are not all white. They often have 3 colors in spots. I also liked the metallic allium.

    1. Most here are black and white (white ruffs and feet) or some red and white. Or tricolors occasionally, but mostly black and white. They are a dime a dozen around here! Boo looked like a white Border collie, Mickey has shorter hair and a flatter face.

  2. Lovely six. Your new dog is so cute. I thought he was quite grown up and then I saw the 'nap' picture and realised he's still a little one. Iris pallida is a great favourite of mine as the leaves are so good, plus you get the lovely iris flower too.

    1. Yes, he's still very much a puppy. When he's asleep, he's very, very asleep. He slid off the sofa asleep, first his front half, then awkwardly his hind quarters joined it, and he never woke up. I love variegated foliage.

  3. Love Mickey he looks adorable but naughty! Good shopping all round, the allium is great and always nice to have new plants. Now you just have to keep Mickey from eating them. :)

    1. So far he hasn't tried to eat plants. He does pull up grass, but that's okay, I don't have a real "lawn." The biggest "naughty" is his grabbing a "no-no" and running. I don't want to chase him since he'll think it's a game and keep doing it. He is SO fast. He had a comb this morning, and by the time I got him to drop it there was half a comb. He knew that and rushed back to grab the small, dangerous if he swallowed it small. He also steals the entire bed. Not a curl up sleeper, a stretch out one.

  4. Everything hits at once. Glad it's all good things.


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