Weekend Accomplishments

I didn't get all the soil moved yet.  Puppies tend to interrupt plans.  

The bigger beds are done though.  The rest are large containers and the row of pilaster blocks and short areas between them.

The "Knot Garden"

The Blueberry Bed by the Fence 

Both shallow beds on either side of the blueberries.


The blueberries are planted.  The one of the left is "Bluecrop," which I had in a big black nursery pot.  The right one is new, "Sunshine Blue."  "Bluecrop" is deciduous, which is why it looks like sticks right now.  "Sunshine Blue" is evergreen when the winters are mild.

The Small Pool Bed

Half Barrel Bed

The Fall Gold raspberries are transplanted into the new bed.  The worn wooded fence is necessary because of the new puppy.   Turns out there were 12, not 10.

The Albion strawberries arrived from Albany (OR) Saturday, so that bed was the first to get done before the mail came.  Each order of 10 had 12 bare root plants.

The strawberry plants are already showing growth!

 I planted some strawberry friendly companion plants.  
Persian Catmint to drape over the edges.

 Right: my new Golden Lemon Thyme
Left: Onion Chives

In between soil moving and puppy supervision I managed to plant the new dianthus (pink one from Walmart) and two lupines (grown last year from seed) in the front yard.  I have other plants in line for planting.  

And... here's a pretty tree in bloom near the park.  I was on a puppy walk. Mickey has more energy than any puppy I've ever had.  Boo was rather a sedate puppy.  Mickey is go-go-go-collapse-for-a-three- minute-nap-go-go-go puppy.  He does sleep all night, on my schedule, even if he hogs the bed by stretching out instead of curling up at the foot.

Mickey had a Puppuccino at Starbucks yesterday.  That's a little tiny cup of whipped cream.  The young woman there noticed he has a smiley face on one ear!


  1. Puppy takes priority. The soil won't go bad waiting to be moved.


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