A Load of Terra-cotta Pots!

I happened to check on Craigslist at just the right time today to score a lot of great terra-cotta and other pottery and plastic pots today!   Almost too late, it had posted 37 minutes earlier, and 3 others wanted them after I claimed them.

 I LOVE terra-cotta pots!  Some of these are fantastic! 

Then, there are others that are cute.  The one on the left was made by someone in the "Fall 1979", the date scratched into the bottom.  On the right are a matching pair in two sizes.




  The "best" thing (I put best in quotations because I like the terra-cotta best) is a vintage 8" Judy of Calif. drip glaze planter with a scalloped rim!  How anyone can have a planter around for so long and not break it, or even chip it, is beyond me!

The mark is CP-2, but that is only the color code, not style number.  There is one on eBay without much drip glaze listed for $60.  That's free shipping, so they won't make much with the cost of mailing these days. 


Oh,  and a huge box of plastic pots and a watering can!  Lots of nursery pots, which I am glad to get as I am moving quite a few winter sown plants out of their jugs into pots until the nights are warmer.  

I just bought one a little over a week ago!  Oh, well...

So, keep your eyes open and check for those freebies often!  

(I still have trouble formatting spaces.  I think it's because I change the font after typing, and that changes how much room the text uses.)


  1. SCORE! So glad you were able to grab it. :)

    1. Me too! Around here garden supplies go quickly, so I thought 37 minutes after posting would be too late. I check several times a day for bricks and things.

    2. Once again your diligence pays off! That's a nice watering can. I like it when they have the volume markings, very helpful. And the clay pots are not ordinary. Very pretty!

    3. Some of them are quite unusual. I got them and the plastic ones all organized and put away in the shed. I think it tripled my terra-cotta number, at least!

  2. Quite the find. It's so nice when you can score like that.

    1. Now that the weather's nice people start clearing things out. Re-doing their yards and tearing out bricks!


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