Between the Letters - April 18, 2021

A quick update on what's going on in my garden(s).  Mondays-Saturdays are mostly taken with the A to Z Challenge.  

I've started planting the tomatoes I grew from seed.  So far, just in containers.  I am having to cut back on my plans due to Mickey.  He likes to dig, and since he's still learning I'm letting him dig in my bed #1.  The tomato on the left is Black Sea Man, a potato leaf  determinate variety.  Determinate tomatoes do not vine, and all their fruit ripens around the same time.  The tomato on the right is either a Black Cherry or a Purple Russian.  The labels got mixed up.  I have several more mix-ups and a Mashenka left to plant.










This sweet little bee was caught out too late last night and napped in the Russell lupine!  If the temperature drops to 50 degrees or lower they can't fly (they like it 80-90).  They will find a warmer spot near a nectar source to sleep until it's warmer.   It can be 18 degrees warmer near the nectar source! 

My first cerinthe, or honeywort, blossom.  A friend gave it to me, and I've never grown them before.  I didn't expect it to flower so soon! 

It seems every calendula blossom is unique.  I know this one is, it looks like it has a flower on top of the flower!

Platinum Blonde lavender showing us why she's named Platinum Blonde!  The new growth is, well, not blonde, but yellow.

On the left is my Parfyanka pomegranate, come back from dormancy.  This little fella came from the grocery story just about a year ago.  I wasn't going in anywhere (and didn't for a long, long time) and saw a display of plants outside the store.  I told my son to "Buy me a plant, I don't care what it is!"  I recently planted it in a big ceramic pot on my deck.

On the right is a Wintersowing success, Double Dynasty dianthus.

I am still on the search for a hose Mickey won't chew, but am using my old one with the end just cut off, my thumb as the nozzle!  I tried one that said it was kink-free, but it wasn't, so returned it.  I found that a 100' foot hose is a little short to reach the bed at the back fence, where there are blueberries, and would be seeds if I could reach it with a hose.  That problem is now solved!  I found this...  Now all I need to do is attach a short hose to make up the difference!  In an ideal world, I'd bury a hose and run it out to the far back, pop it up and put in a faucet.  But, it isn't an ideal world, and this will do.












 I'll leave you with this, a Western Leaf-Footed bug.  They feed on buds and nuts, preferring almonds and pistachios.  This one was hanging around inside my deck umbrella, which I opened for the first time recently!   Western Leaf-Footed bugs are true bugs, and one of my native insects.  Want to download a coloring book of Oregon Insects?  They also threw in a spider, a crossword puzzle, and a word search!

The Western Leaf-Footed bug has quite attractive patterns on him.   And seeing his shadow, I will link him to Shadowshot Sunday!   I just noticed the calendula petals making shadows too. 

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Looks like your garden is coming along beautifully! Have a nice Sunday. :)

    1. It's getting there. It's been a nice Sunday, but the first warm days always feel so HOT! It was 85!

  2. Lots going on. Ah, the joys of spring.

  3. That Cerinthe wants to make seeds, and lots of them!! I remember I let the girls have their way with a mulch pile for about a year. They aren't really dedicated diggers, and I hope Mickey isn't either!


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