COVID-19 Help for India - buy seeds!

 I've mentioned Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds as a great place to order online.  Now's an even better time, as they are having a fundraiser, now through Monday, May 3rd, all online seed purchase proceeds will go towards emergency COVID related resources in India.  India is having a surge in COVID-19 cases which are overwhelming the health system there.

 I certainly didn't need more seeds, but

1 - great cause

2- great seeds (and free shipping in North America)

I ordered Chocolate Daisy, a night-blooming perennial that smells like chocolate.  Dara Flowering Carrot, a Queen Anne's Lace variety.  I checked first to make sure it was  non-toxic to dogs.  White borage to add to my blue borage.  And, Sugar Bon Snap Peas, for fall.  I don't usually plant for fall, but my spring peas failed this year.  I have about 5 plants, out of dozens in two beds, of two varieties.  

Seeds are viable for several years, so order ahead for fall or even next spring!   I recommend the Dragon Tongue Bush Beans! 



  1. I'll go take a look. What's happening in India is just heartbreaking!


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