E - Echinacea and Eggplants - the E's of April



Unless specifying another type, echinacea refers to the purple coneflower.  It's a perennial, and my five or six grew from a box of mixed pollinator seeds from the Dollar Tree.  As with many perennials, they don't bloom their first year, so I wasn't really sure what I had since I'd never grown echinacea before.   They grew (no pun intended, I mean I wasn't impressed at first) on me, filling the tall spaces among the cosmos and coreopsis.  I bought a bare root PowWow Wild Berry echinacea this past fall.  I also have another from seed up of unknown provenance.  Pollinators prefer these single petaled ones to the fancy varieties.  They have more nectar that is easier for the pollinators to reach.


Yes, eggplant! It's a gorgeous flower on a gorgeous plant that produces gorgeous fruit that taste nasty. 

I've grown them just for the flowers when I had someone who wanted the fruit. 








Flowery F's for tomorrow!







  1. The echinacea is very pretty. I love eggplant and love the flowers too.

  2. Pretty flowers. I've taken echinacea, but I wasn't impressed. And I'm not a fan of eggplant either.

  3. I just realised from your post that eggplant is a fruit, not a vegetable. I find the biggest problem cooking it is it absorbs a lot if oil. So I spray olive oil on it and grill it. Apparently salt reduces the bitterness and makes it less absorbent.

  4. Crab spiders like echinacea. I've found them on multiple ones I've had over the years. I love eggplant for eggplant parmesan. Will they grow in MI?

  5. I would take your eggplant - too bad we live so far apart, lol, because I love eggplant. But seriously, I grow them somewhat for the flowers, too. No echinacea because....I don't know why. Because I should.


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